Sunday, 30 November 2008

Back home!

This is a super duper quick entry to tell you all that we got home last night, Robert has slept amazingly well, 4-5 hours between feeds. He's still breastfeeding like a champ. :) I feel so happy that I am able to be his sole nourishment!

After we got up around 9am when he woke for another feed, we've been catching up posting photos on facebook (we have yet more absolutely adorable photos!!! I will post them soon!), and other bits and bobs, sorting out more washing, and other householdy bits.

My dad and step mum are due to arrive, they've stopped by tesco and are doing our shopping for us :) Then Jonathan's parents are coming over later (although they might actually arrive at the same time, since Dad and Caroline are running late what with doing the shopping) so it might be a bit of a full house! Ah well. Will try and delay Jonathan's parents since they're a shorter drive away.

Anyway, wanted to thank you all for all the lovely comments you've posted over the last week (! - Robert is a week old already, how crazy!!!) as I finally had a chance to read them all - Jonathan printed out two of the days' comments and brought them into hospital but I missed the others ;)

I will try and post more thoroughly later (tomorrow probably!). Robert will probably wake soon so need to be ready to give the Booby Monster what he'll want as soon as he's up!

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