Friday, 14 November 2008

38 weeks 6 days - replies to comments, good dad-to-be, busy weekend scheduled

Thanks for your comments! :) Heartburn is still here and quite bad, last night I felt I had to lay down but then once I did it just got so bad that I felt like I was going to be sick and even once I sat back up again it still lingered for a while. The comment from singledadguy I got about the heartburn causing hairy babies, or vice versa.. I immediately thought "if only!" because it sounds like an old wives tale, and as much as I'd like a baby with lots and lots of hair, I thought what a load of codswallop... so I googled it, and lookie what I found! It's not 100% but there is some scientific evidence to support that claim! The hormone that relaxes the sphincter and causes heartburn is also the one responsible for fetal hair growth. So there is a correlation. But I guess we'll see!

Thanks also for your reassurance over the nursery! Hehe. I don't think my brother did one either. But when you hear from people "Oh, we're doing the nursery this weekend" and things like that you suddenly think "hmm, should I be doing one too?" But the baby really doesn't care if he's in a perfectly decorated room with winnie the pooh borders and curtains... :)

It's getting so close now, but at the same time I think "ooof, when is it going to happen? I'm sooooooo uncomfortable!" J is being great, he helps me get up from the sofa when I've been lying down on it, he helps me put on socks and shoes, he gets drinks for me, he puts on dinner. And he STILL gets me tea every morning before he leaves for work. :) He started early on in the pregnancy when I was feeling a little morning sick and the queasiness first thing made me feel a little yeuuugh. And he's done it every day (well, every working day!) since then!

As much as I am nervous about the next stage of our life, which could begin any day now, I am looking forward to it so much! I think by the time you get to 38 or 39 weeks pregnant, however nervous you might be about becoming a parent, the uncomfortableness of it all just makes you think "sod it, lets just have the baby out already!" Oh goodness I just can't wait! I can't WAIT for labour!

If it's going to happen early it'll probably happen this weekend though, because that's when it'll be most inconvenient. J wants to head over to the flat to sort out the last few bits that need doing - the smoke alarm, shower curtain, and stop cock under the sink. I've told him I don't think I should go, besides there is lots of things needing doing here, like finishing up the spare room, washing all the baby clothes we got from the lady from the paper (we're not going to bother with the newly bought clothes - just the second hand ones), and catching up on our OWN washing... and generally tidying. I looked through the baby clothes we got second hand, and for the most part they're pretty good! I saw one that had a rip in the side, but should be ok once it's sewn up. But one out of 60+ items of clothes isn't bad at all. Tonnes of newborn clothes - body suits and sleepsuits, but also little tops and trousers. I might ask people if they want to get clothes to get him 3-6 month stuff as we only have a bit of those.

Anyway today's task, along with eating (haha!) will be to catch up with the big pile of washing up and clean up the kitchen. Already practising my post-birth strategy! ;)

Keep well girlies!

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