Saturday, 1 November 2008

37 weeks pregnant! - Thorpe Park trip today - anticipation!

This is going to be a super quick entry, because I have to leave the house in 14 minutes! And still have a few things to pack in my bag for the day. Today is Thorpe Park day, I've got my support tights on (right way round eventually), hospital bags are packed (one for Robert, one for me), and I can say I think we are adequately prepared for an arrival so that he will decide it won't be disruptive enough to actually arrive today, and stay put! ;)

I was beginning to wonder if I'd actually be able to go, because yesterday I was having weird achy/twingy feelings on my left hand side - on the side of my bump, and around on my lower back. A warm shower got rid of them once, but then they came back later. But they went away properly before we went out for dinner last night.

I am officially full term today! 37 weeks! Which means if Robert DOES decide to come today, and we end up going to a London hospital to give birth, I should be able to ask if they have a birthing pool and use it! We also have a Birth Pool in a Box on order for home (our living room is *just* big enough to have it inflated and a half meter all around it for moving room)

I can also say "OMG I'm having my baby this month!" ! I was laying in bed last night thinking how the more physically prepared we are in our home to have little Robert here with us, it seems the more emotionally UNprepared I feel. As excited as I am to have him here with us, I feel anxious about what to do once he IS here. Although this is probably just anticipation nerves now I know his arrival is so imminent. I can't wait to meet my tiny boy, yet I probably do still have some underlying fears that I won't be able to cope. I'm sure this won't be the case, I will have Jonathan with me the first two weeks after he's born, my Mum with us for the week after, and then after new years, I will have a day (a week?) with the in-laws. I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful support system in place for when he's born already!

Anyway, it's now 8.15 and I need to go finish getting everything packed up for the day - water, fruit snacks, camera etc...

Oh - and Becca is in labour! Wooooo! Can't wait for her birth announcement!!!!

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