Friday, 7 November 2008

37 weeks 6 days - pain on one side of my uterus, end drawing nearer now

Hi girls: I have a question I could really use your input with, if you know. A few days ago I got a pain on the left hand side of my uterus that felt like it was a muscle pull or something similar. It went away quite quickly, but then last night I got another pain, again on the left hand side of my uterus, and it was very painful! If it had been all over I might have thought it would have been labour, but it wasn't, it was just on the left. Is it ligament pain? I think I've had ligament pain before in this pregnancy but it was never that painful. Anyway as it was bedtime anyway I went and laid down on my left hand side, and started doing some special breathing techniques to try and get rid of the pain, and while I could still feel it, it became a lot more bearable and then eventually went away.

It was quite worrying though, I was half considering phoning up the labour ward to speak to a midwife about it, but then it did go away and didn't come back.

Robert is still nice and active, mainly lots of little wriggles or pokes with his hands or feet. I am just so scared that I could have come all this way with him, and then something happens inexplicably. That something could happen so quickly there'd be nothing I could do about it! But each day I greet his wriggles and pokes with joy, knowing that he's okay. And looking forward to the day I get to meet him. Which could be so soon now! It really does feel like it could be any day, and I am just taking each day as it comes. I am at the moment thinking that he will be nice enough to wait until we can birth him at home, which is TOMORROW! I really don't mind when he comes as long as it's between tomorrow and 2nd December. Although the sooner after tomorrow the better! My poor feet can't take much more of this swelling! Hehe. And I don't really want to get started on the other half of my huge Gaviscon bottle. Oh my precious little boy... I so can't wait to meet him. To stare into his eyes, and cuddle his body close to mine. And to see the pride in his daddy's eyes in the moment we first become parents. I can't believe we've almost made it....

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