Friday, 28 November 2008


Jonathan posted photos last night so he told me. Isn't he a cutie?!

Today we had an EEG scan to test his brain waves. All came back normal which is great news. We have an outpatients appointment for his MRI on 5th December.

But the really fantastic news of the day is that they are pleased enough with his feeding that he is sleeping upstairs with me tonight, and if in the morning they are pleased with how he fed they will evaluate whether he can come home! I am so confident with my breastfeeding. My milk has come in yesterday and since 11.30am yesterday (it's now 4.10pm) my little man has eaten nothing but mummy milk! And he seems so content. :)

Jonathan and I are both becoming somewhat adept with nappy changes and dressing him. I also gave him his first bath today as the EEG had made his hair all sticky. That was somewhat nervewracking but we were under the watchful eye of a wonderful neonatal nurse called Angela who has been amazing with supporting my breastfeeding, she also came along to Northampton with us for the EEG.

I'm just so tearfully happy right now. I'm sitting here finally feeling what I thought I'd feel in the first moments after birth. Listening to my son snuffling in his sleep to my side, knowing he'll soon be home where he belongs. And knowing also that after all my worries, I am fully able to exclusively breastfeed makes me happy beyond words! This little man is only 5 days old and already he has given us so much joy. (and heartache, and worry!) I feel so blessed that he is in our lives.

Anyway I'll leave off here. We are going to try and pack up stuff I won't need tonight so J can take it home so we don't have too much stuff to take home tomorrow. I hope I can catch up with all your comments and any J might have missed in printing them out for me soon. xx

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