Friday, 3 October 2008

32 weeks 6 days - Big boy! And only getting bigger - yikes!

Thank you for your comments on the last entry! I know it was a bit of a rant in some places, but I really appreciate your encouragement!

I'm beginning to feel more and more pregnant as time goes on. Sounds silly, but this littly boy is getting so big that I feel more and more full of baby, and I can't believe how there's going to be room for him to grow for another 7 weeks!!! (Seven weeks! That's all there is left!! I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow!) I feel like I am now finally pregnant to a degree where complete strangers can tell. The woman next door to us knows now, we were chatting a month or so back and I did kind of drop a hint, which she picked up on and said "you're expecting a little one?" Turns out her 18 year old daughter is also expecting at the end of November too. I think I might start taking belly pictures every fortnight now.

It's quite funny, I am now noticing his hiccups a lot more! The other day, he had at LEAST three bouts of hiccups. Jonathan is a little concerned, wondering if it's normal for babies to hiccup that much. From what I remember of Alice's diary entries for her three is that it is normal, especially since they are practising breathing at this stage.

I'm also getting a lot more frequent heartburny feelings during the day, often only for a brief moment or two. I do wait for a while to see if it'll go away by itself because eughhh I hate the Gaviscon I got prescribed. Hate hate hate. It's partly the taste (Aniseed yuck!) but also the texture of the medicine. Horrible creamy gloop that sticks to the inside of your mouth.

I am feeling it harder to sit at the PC for lengths of time, especially if Robert has his positioning in a way like he is this morning, with his foot crammed up by my ribs, making bending over uncomfortable.

He's now about 4lbs and over 17 inches long. I can't believe he's going to get twice as heavy in the last 7 weeks or so! (I reckon he will be at least 8lbs, possibly 9lbs. I was a small baby, about 6.5lbs, but Jonathan was a 10lb-er!)

I've been thinking forward a bit to when Robert arrives (and also thinking what an odd term that is - he's already here for goodness sake! I might not be able to see him yet but he's here alright!). As well as panicking because there's still so much to do and I'm such a lazy bum, but also thinking how odd it will be not having him inside me anymore. That's another thing I've read in Alice's diary that I now finally understand fully. I can't imagine him NOT being in my tummy, wriggling, pushing his feet into my ribs or out of my belly, hiccupping. Someone I was talking to, who's never had a baby yet and doesn't have any immediate or foreseeable future plans to, said to me that it seemed to her that it would be like your insides no longer having a life of their own... which is EXACTLY right! It feels exactly like that, that my insides have a life of their own, and when he's born, they won't... they'll just be.... nothingness. Still. Doing nothing. But I will have a gorgeous wriggly baby to take care of and enjoy and feel frustrated over all at the same time to distract me! ;)

Oh my gosh, where does the time fly to? I can't believe I will be having my baby next month! (most likely anyhow) I am beginning to be desperate to see him, not because I'm fed up of being pregnant (yet!) but just because I can't wait! I just can't wait to see what he looks like. I wish we could afford to have a 3d scan done, but at the same time I know it won't be long before we do see him. I just can't wait to see my gorgeous wriggly Sausage!

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