Friday, 24 October 2008

35 weeks 6 days - forum signature, christmas, squirmy little escape artist

I've ordered some things for Jonathan's birthday next week yesterday. Was going to do it on Tuesday but since it said despatch was next day, I thought I'd wait til I knew I'd be in the house all day. I've got him some things I know he needs (and hopefully he'll like), I won't say here just yet incase he reads this! (I don't think he bothers to read this much anymore, but can't hurt to be careful!) At the same time I also got some bits for me that I need to see me through to the end of this pregnancy.

A woman on my EDD forum, who's actually had her baby now, but she was initially due in November before they moved her dates.. anyway she stuck around in the November thread, and she's got such a pretty forum signature, I asked her where she got it from, she sent me the link and I went along to see if I could get myself one too.. Basically people there make others signatures in their spare time for fun, I guess a little like the web designs I did over at RP Designs for a while. Except theirs are custom made, you go and post a photo, say what you want it to say, etc, and they make it. They still have quite a lot of creative freedom over it. But anyway, I'll post it here because it's too cute!!

I got it from Custom Keepsakes if anyone's interested in getting their own done, you register, and then post in the request section with the information they set out in a sticky, and then someone will pick it up. :)

Robert's been a squirmy little chap again today. Did another escape attempt earlier. And he keeps waving his hands and arms around in there! It's quite cute and funny. :) I can't wait til my next midwife appointment! I am so eager to see how much he's grown, even if "inside tummy" measurements aren't that accurate!! ;) And tomorrow will be time for another belly picture. I keep thinking he's dropping a little, but then I'll think "no he hasn't" because he still feels quite high up near my ribs, and theres still a lot of floppy skin under the bump (haha!). I can't believe tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks. How crazy is that!!! 36.. wow. It's still kinda setting in for me that I am actually pregnant (LOL!) and that so soon I'm going to have a baby... a new chapter of my life starting as a parent... so exciting, so scary.

I got a text from my brother yesterday, saying "Do you think we should do presents only for the children this year?" which was like wow - this christmas, both me and my brother will be PARENTS! With children! I replied back saying that this year, no adults will be getting presents from us at all, and that if they wanted to do the same with us then that was fine with us. We will be getting Ewan something (although what I have no idea!!! And I have to find something for his birthday too!), and also my step-cousins a little something each for Christmas. But apart from those, everyone else is getting cards only. Until we get our camcorder out! ;)

Oooh, talking of which, if anyone would like to send me their postal address, I'd love to stalk... ahem I mean I'd love to send you cards this year, just send me an email, and I'll add you to my christmas card list!

Anyway, hope you're all well, and *hugs* to Becca, I'm sure your little munchkin will be along soon! Just stay positive! xx

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