Thursday, 16 October 2008

34 weeks 5 days - still have swelling. Is midwife a liar?

I'm feeling a little upset right now. Swelling is still here, although so far it has followed a pattern of normal in the morning, balloon by mid afternoon. So I thought I'd phone the midwife. What do I get? "Hi, you've reached Beverley. I'm on holiday at the moment until the 3rd November. If it is an emergency, ring this number blablabla"

Well, I can hardly call swelling ankles an emergency. I was just phoning for some advice, and to see what she thought. I know it can be a sign of pre-eclampsia but there's no way to know for sure whether this is it. Because swelling can also just be a normal pregnancy thing.

I just kinda feel deflated and mleh. Especially since hello? We have an appointment with her on 29th October.... So either shes lying, or she's just made an appointment for us to have some complete stranger come to our house and do my antenatal and home birth protocol thing.

Plus the fact that my feet feel like they will burst if I step on something sharp. I just feel like crying, and it seems like such a stupid thing to be crying about. Hormones suck sometimes. Urgh. That is all.

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