Sunday, 26 October 2008

36 weeks 1 day - inlaws idea, getting ready!

Getting to be quite excited now about seeing my little man, I know it may well be as long as 6 weeks away, but it could be as little as 1 or 2! We've got some baby toiletry type things from tesco - nappies, nappy bags, bath stuff, lotion, powder etc. Should be able to get a hospital bag packed soon now with all those bits and bobs, ready for the outing to Thorpe Park this saturday.

Last night the in-laws came over to take J (well and me) out for a meal for his birthday, had a nice curry in the indian. It was very pleasant, and J showed them the old photographs he'd come across that he'd taken as a boy, which they enjoyed. Something that was quite good was that after a while his dad mentioned an idea that he/they must have had, that after new year (presumably to give us time to get settled with Robert) they suggested that during the week (perhaps on a regular basis) they come and pick me and Robert up in the morning, drive us back to their house 30 minutes or so away, and spend the day there with them, and then J comes back via their house in the evening after work. Sounds to me like a really lovely idea, will mean I get some company during the day, maybe even a little rest! And Robert will get to spend time with his grandparents.

J and I went for a walk after we'd been shopping, because as we were walking out of Tesco, the weather was just wonderful. Clear, cold, crisp, very slight breeze... just one of those lovely autumn/winter weather days. Lovely. :)

I think I might be getting a little low on vitamin C - I've started craving fruits again, as well as my latest usual creamy/milky foods. I get through 6 pints of milk these days so quickly! Cereal, and umpteen glasses of milkshakes normally.

Anyway I guess that's all the recent news (since yesterday hehe). Back again tomorrow probably. xx

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