Wednesday, 22 October 2008

35 weeks 4 days - One month to go!

Ok. I now officially have ONE month left (give or take a couple of weeks) of carrying this child. And with it is coming an attitude change. I'm fed up of being fed up of all the little pregnancy niggles. So I am going to ENJOY this last month of carrying my son. If my feet start to hurt, I'm going to lay down with a good book and enjoy it, or lay down and watch some tv or dvd series, and enjoy it. If I have heartburn, I am going to take some gaviscon and then do something else so I forget about it. I am going to relish the moments I feel my son wriggling inside me and poking his feet and elbows and hands around. If he punches my bladder several times in a row, I won't complain, I will cherish his movements as it means he is getting stronger and healthier ready for his arrival into the next phase of his life.

Aside from that, we are going to be preparing like mad for Robert's arrival. I have a big list of everything we'll need for the baby and for me. I've marked off what we have, deleted what we won't want (blackout curtains or shutters for example, we will try our best to do without them - and also make-up for if I need to go into hospital! haha, I remember the exact day I last wore make-up... 7th May 2005 - my wedding day), and left uneditted what we don't have yet. There's still a big list, mainly toiletry type things, but also a comfy chair for night feeds - although we do have some chairs in the spare room from when we didn't have proper sofas. We have practically all the clothes it reckons we'll need for a newborn... our 0-3 month and 3-6 month and so on supply is a little less, but I guess there's always time. I will have to browse ebay a lot and see if people are selling stacks of boy clothes cheaply. I saw a couple of ads in a newspaper this last weekend gone, but looked at the date on the newspaper and it said June, so they've probably already gone.

Something I think J and I have decided is that maybe we do need the convenience of disposable nappies compared to the cheapness/cuteness/environmentally friendliness of cloth nappies. It's always something we can go onto at a later stage once we're used to parenthood.

Anyway, we've put a load of dates down in our calendar to attend some drop-in classes at the local hospital. The first one is tonight, and it's on water births. We're also going to the early parentcraft evening, breastfeeding workshop, and errr... something else I forget what.

I was thinking earlier, most of the couples at the hypnobirthing classes have probably already had their babies. I was the woman least far along, although there was another couple there only a few weeks ahead. Most were between 28-34 weeks when the classes started, whereas I was at just under 24 weeks. I do wonder how their births went. When I email Jenny (the practitioner) to let her know how my birth goes (went?), I'll ask after the others too.

Anyway I'll sign off for now, I'm feeling much more refreshed after a decent night's sleep. I did start to feel like my left leg was going to start hurting again but I just blocked it out and went to sleep. I got up several times for the toilet as usual, and on one of them my heartburn was quite bad so I went and took a small spoonful of gaviscon and then went back to bed.

My right leg seems to be fairly good now - swelling wise. Last night it was about the same size as it was when I got up. But my left foot/ankle was quite swollen. I have a followup appointment with a nurse to check BP and urine again today so we'll see what happens. I'll try and leave early, so I can sit in the waiting room for a while. Maybe practise some breathing exercises to relax myself.

Anyway, tata for now! xx

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