Monday, 13 October 2008

34 weeks 2 days - I knew it! Midwife update.

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Update on Robert - he's still head down! Beverley thinks it's unlikely he'll go breech now. He's also measuring - wait for it.... 36-37 weeks! (She said 37 to me, but then put 36 in my notes) She said it wasn't that unusual and often once they engage the numbers appear normal again. I've also been thinking he might have been going through a bit of a growth spurt lately anyway, since from a little before my last appointment til the end of last week-ish, his movements have been much less than normal, and softer. And they have now started back up again with the jabs and pokes downstairs with his hands, and so on!

She's doing a home visit in a fortnight, and also going to go through the protocol for the home birth with J and I then. I'm glad, I hope the rest are home visits, I am getting more and more tired walking back from town now. It's not a long walk, but it is slightly uphill and my calves really end up stinging badly, and I do get breathless. Which I am putting down to the fact I'm carrying a big baby boy who's extra weight on my poor legs, and also that he's up my ribs already, causing the breathlessness ;)

She seems happy to go through the protocols for home birth seeing as my BP is still absolutely fine (110/66 this time, and has been 110/64- 110/70 for most of the visits, one of them being I think 115/70), and my urine still is showing no traces of sugar or protein. So yay, glad all is still okay anyway.

Right, well, we're gonna get busy again, got a lot more boxes sorted and ready to put in the loft. Spare room is looking clearer but still a lot to put away and sort out.

Til next time! x

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