Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Photo entry! Cuteness overload!

I think it's about time I made a photo entry don't you? :) First off, thank you Jeannie for your comment on the last entry, I really appreciate it and it's a good idea, certainly something I'll try and see how it goes. I really don't want to be a horrible stressed out/shouty/angry Mummy and I think that's the most important thing so if feeding doesn't sort itself out I'd rather give him formula and be happier within myself than to keep breastfeeding and be a bad mum and potentially do something I might regret! I think though that the expressing and feeding with bottles which I've been doing the last few days has been working okay. It means that if I want a break from him, I can go and have a sleep and there's milk for him in the fridge that Jonathan can warm up and give him.

Talking of which, here's the first photo! Jonathan feeding Robert some expressed milk in bed. He doesn't really like the high pitched sucky sounds he makes on the teat but I think he's getting used to doing it so he doesn't make that sound!

Robert was quite a lucky chappy this Christmas, and got lots of toys and things, including a rainforest mobile, which is great, it seems to keep him amused in bed if he's not in the screamy mode and will delay the screamy mode if he's put down when he's semi-quiet! ;)

It was a gift from his Nanna and Grandad (my Mum and her partner Dave)
They also got us a few lovely things. Mum knitted me a jumper, and it's soooo nice and cozy warm, although a bit of a challenge to feed Robert when I'm wearing it! They also got us a full dinner service set - as we've been using mishmash bits and bobs from all over for the past 7 years! It's fab, just plain white, circular dishes/plates etc. But they have mugs, glasses, serving bowls and dishes, and cutlery. We only had 3 ceramic food bowls before this Christmas! If we had more people over we had to give someone soup or dessert in a plastic bowl!

Anyway, back onto Robert things.

He got several rattle toys this Christmas, one from us, and I think the other was from his "Auntie" Barbara, who is actually the friend of Jonathan's late Grandma who used to live next door to his parents. But he's becoming more interested in toys now, although he's still not aware of his hands and therefore doesn't bat at toys yet, he will watch them intently and track them if moved in front of his eyes. We also put them around his wrist so they make noises when he moves his arms.

That last image is of his Auntie Naomi (Jonathan's sister) and Uncle Ben, who are getting married next August. I wonder if we will be getting a pregnancy announcement soon?! They both seem to love Robert, which is lovely. :) We were surprised at Ben's eagerness with him, but it was lovely to see. :)

I was also thrilled to get the following pictures of me and Robert, he's wearing some of his first "proper" clothes, and just looks so sweet! These were actually second hand stuff that we got in a huge bag of clothes for £10.

Tonight we fed Robert mainly expressed breast milk. He was so hungry he took almost 9 ounces in one sitting!!! And then a short while later took another 2 ounces that I'd expressed just then (after I expressed a bottle of 4 ounces and filled it, then only managed another 2 ounces for the next bottle), and then went on the boob again! He did look SOOO full up and sleepy hehe. :) But he wasn't ready for bed, he just had a couple of naps, so we changed him and he woke up again, and as he then decided to pee all over the changing mat, we had to change him, but before we did, we took some photos of him on the bed.. and OMG these photos are just sooooo cute!

I am going to have such a hard time trying to find just one picture I want to get blown up onto a canvas! My little boy is just sooo gorgeous and photogenic!

Hope you're all well, and that you enjoyed this entry. :)

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