Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Better day today

I think Robert must be going through a growth spurt. Either that or he's playing up for his Nanna! The last two afternoons he's refused to sleep for more than half an hour, and just keeps on wanting to feed. Which I'm sure wasn't like that last week. He's gone down now, and been down for about an hour so far. We'll try and wake him up around 11pm latest if he hasn't already, so hopefully we'll get a good night's sleep like we did last night. He had two 4-5 hour sleep stints in a row from about midnight to 11am which was nice!

I forgot to mention, last Friday was the health visitor's first visit. She seems nice enough. Robert last Friday was back up to his birth weight of 10lbs, we're not sure how much he weighed when he came out of hospital though. But as he's back up to his birth weight that's great. :) She's coming around again this Friday morning so it will be interesting to see how much weight he's gained since last week! It was quite interesting looking at his percentile charts, at birth he was at the 93rd percentile for weight (or there abouts), but last Friday he'd gone down to about the 75th percentile.

Anyway I'm feeling a lot better generally about looking after Robert during the day. Mum has mainly been helping out by getting drinks/lunch/dinner, doing washing up, and so on. She's occasionally had cuddles with Robert and tried to get him back off to sleep, but it's mainly been me with Robert, and I think as long as I get a fairly decent amount of sleep in the night before I'll be okay with him during the day even if he does his trick like today and yesterday that is not sleeping much and gradually getting more and more tired but refusing to sleep!

I am enjoying it though. Something I absolutely LOVE doing, which I don't think Robert enjoys as much (lol) is kissing his little cheeks while he's rooting for the breast, so of course he ends up getting kissed on the mouth as he swings his little head from side to side trying to get what keeps touching his cheeks! I find it too cute, I do stop when he starts to get so hungry and frustrated that my lips aren't putting milk in his mouth! But it's Mummy's little game that she can't resist playing!

Been trying to give him some nappy off time the last few days because his poor botty looks so sore. The nappy off time he had earlier seems to have done it a load of good, it's just something I have to remember to do, and make sure we have plenty of clean towels around! Haha.

Anyway, I think I might go and have a snooze while Robert is still sleeping. It's been a long day!

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