Saturday, 27 December 2008

Robert's first Christmas!

Robert's first Christmas went well. Well, it was mostly a normal day, except for the turkey dinner which Jonathan cooked while Robert and I slept, and then after dinner Jonathan slept while Robert slept in my arms downstairs (where I watched TV, fed him if he wanted it, and took some photos of his sweet sleepy face!). And then around 5.30 we left to go to Jonathan's parents for a Christmas evening buffet type meal. Robert was a star there, nice and awake, although he didn't want presents! He kept crying when we tried to open presents with him, so we had to open his presents without him. But once he'd been fed, he had a lovely time being held by his aunt and uncle (Jonathan's sister and her fiance Ben), and watching one of his new rattles.

They were just getting over sickness bugs, which seem to have gone around a lot this Christmas. But since we were over there at the weekend when Ben was ill he might well have caught it anyway. We'll just have to hope he doesn't get it, but hopefully Mummy Milk will help ward it off!

Feeding is still my main cause of frustration with him. It's horrid to say but I do still get my hair pulling out moments when it comes to the feeding and if he's latching lazily, or if he's feeding over and over and pulling off and crying for more, and then I put him to the breast again and he pulls off and cries again I feel like I don't know what to do! Sometimes I feel like I just want to pick him up and lob him across the room! I am so glad I have Jonathan here again until early January. But something I am glad about is that I've not had that sicky feeling I mentioned a while back again. I don't feel nervous and sicky about the prospect of looking after him.

Something else I realised a few days ago while I was holding him and he was sleeping in my arms after a feed... I looked down at him, at his angelic face, and his soft hair, and I realised how much I love him - how I cannot imagine having a different baby. I wanted a little baby girl so much, but now I would not change him for the world! I'm so glad I have my little Robbie, my precious little boy. I've been peed over my fair share of times already (not loads, I can probably count the number of times on 2 hands still), and I don't get to dress him in gorgeous little pink dresses (well, I could but I think people would think I am crazy!), but I don't care. Although we have enough blue clothes to last us forever!! I get excited when I get little boy clothes other than baby-blue ones!! We have a LOT of money to spend in mothercare thanks to relatives and friends, so any clothes we buy will be nice non-blue things! Will be nice to maybe make a day of it and go to milton keynes with him in the sales to get some bits with vouchers!!

Anyway, better go now, Robert is crying for food, so I'll give the booby monster what he wants!

I hope you all had fab Christmases!

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