Thursday, 31 July 2008

23 weeks 5 days - midwife appointment, hypnobirthing classes, kicks.

Thank you all for your comments on the last entry! Linds, I don't know why it wasn't working for you.. perhaps you don't have Java on your computer? I think that word thing was a Java application. But was quite cool anyhow. Sarah, I know which game you're thinking of when you say Spit, it's not this game, as the game we were playing was turn based and not a "speedy" game as such where everyone was free for all. I don't know if it's an actual game someone has the rules for somewhere, or whether it was sort of made up. But Spit is a fun game also, I played it a lot as a teenager, I used to bring a deck of cards into school and play it with some of my classmates before the lessons started. Got quite rough and ended up with several bent cards! (And I think several scratches on my hands!)

Well anyway it's finally cooler here at least, which is good news. Yesterday was my midwife appointment, I realised a while ago I made it for a week too early, but hey I was only 3 days away from 24 weeks. Blood pressure and urine still absolutely fine. Guessing no leaking proteins etc makes midwives happy bunnies. So far my pregnancy seems to be going very smoothly.

I told her I've been having heartburn lately, and that I've been taking Rennies.. apparently that is a big no-no... Ooops... I'm sure it said Rennies was fine on that website for medication during pregnancy. It also mentions on the packet that it can be used for heartburn during pregnancy... :S Anyhow, she's put a request for a prescription through for Gaviscon, which will be ready for me to pick up in a few hours.

She asked me about Robert's movements too, I told her that he's been kicking every day, and when I got on the table for her to check the heartbeat, he proved it :D Kicked the doppler as she was trying to find it. Hehe! Do all babies do this? It seems that everywhere I've read that babies kick the doppler when the midwife tries to find the heartbeat. :)

Anyway, I sat downstairs, bared my belly, as Robert was kicking, and just sat and watched - I could actually see my belly moving as he kicked. :) I simply cannot imagine not enjoying the kicks right now. I love putting my hands on my bare belly, and feeling the little blips on my hands as well as inside me. I find myself daydreaming about what he'll look like. About the first time I'll get to hold my son. Calling him that makes my eyes well up with tears. It seems stupid, but it feels like I'm the only person in the world who feels this way. But of course I know that's not true! It's a silly way of putting it, and I know how egotistical it sounds. Ah well.

On to other news, J and I are going to our first Hypnobirthing class tonight! Yippee! It happened all rather suddenly, I had the dates written down for a while, and decided we'd better get things sorted out, so I called the practitioner back, and left a message, she called back to say there was still a place available on the course starting this week, and lasting for 5 weeks. So sent credit card details over the phone last night for the deposit, and we bring a cheque for the remaining amount tonight. It is £250 but I think it's well worth it, especially if it works.

I'm glad that Jonathan was happy in the end for us to do it, he was very apprehensive about it all, especially since her website was very uhhh... commercialised. If that's even the word I'm looking for. It was like one of those webpages for the miracle diet things you see advertised, with all the peppy talk and bolded phrases, and the "Buy now and save 10%!!" stuff. That even put me off, but it's the only thing around. And there are plenty of people who do do it. But I am going to give it my all, do the best I can with it. Apparently there will be 5 other couples there, so quite a close-knit class, which is good.

Back onto the subject of Robert, I am occasionally getting some discomfort with my belly. Sometimes it feels like ligament pains, down the sides of my bump almost on my hips, other times it's been actually like it's been IN my belly, like a line through slightly off centre. And the other day I had a pain practically at my pelvis, that low down. None of them too seriously painful, and not recurrent. It might all be ligament pains I guess, but the last one I described almost felt like Robert was laying in a funny place. Not entirely sure anyhow. I am finding it hard to determine Robert's position at any one time. The midwife said yesterday he was still laying sideways, which apparently is normal for babies of this gestation.

Right, well best get off, I need to take a shower, attempt to make my hair look the same as I looked coming out of the hair dresser again, and get ready to go pick up my prescription from town. And maybe stop by Tesco for more milk and maybe some walkers crisps, and also maybe go via the pet store for a new collar for Hazel. Need to think about food for tonight as well - as we won't be eating until we get back from classes unless I make something for the trip down there. We might have a few minutes to grab something to eat before we leave maybe. Hope the weather is cooler for all of you now too!

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