Saturday, 19 July 2008

22 weeks! Birthday, plans for today, etc

Good morning girls! (just)

My birthday went quite nicely. Well after Jonathan got home anyway, before then it was a bit samey, but he got home, then I opened pressies, he got me some nice lush bubblebath bars I dropped a hint on a while ago, and I was SO surprised he remembered! He also bought me a cake tin (hehe) because I was saying how I kept getting urges to make cakes but as we don't have a cake tin, we can't. Also, he found that step thing that had been advertised on tv I said I could do with - the one from JML that folds up and gets put in the cupboard easily. The only thing is, I'm nearly at the weight limit for it :( So I might not be able to use it for much longer since I will gain a lot more weight by the end of the pregnancy, and it will take me over the 100kg - (I'm literally just under it now - between 99 and 100kg). Also got some DVDs and some choccies, and a maternity pillow, that I can use in bed and while sitting during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding! Ingenious things! :)

After presents, we decided we'd go for an early dinner, and there was a Frankie and Benny's right by the cinema in Kettering, so we thought we'd go to the cinema afterwards. Anyway, we ended up having loads of time after the meal before the movie started, so we went back home inbetween, and then came back for the movie, at which point we had real trouble finding a parking space. Doh! But yeah, the meal was soooo nice, we had potato skins to start, then I had an absolutely delicious chicken dish, which is on this page but I can't link it directly - it's the mozerella and pepperoni stuffed one. And then had brownies and cream for dessert. The film we went to see, Hancock - was brilliant! A bit of action, a lot of comedy, and also some nice romantic bits in it too, awww. :)

I also when we got back sent another facebook message to my sister, because it seemed that when I apologised for how much I yelled at her on the phone, she took it to mean I was apologising for what I said as well, which I wasn't, since I was still annoyed that she told my dad for me, but just that I should have waited until the morning before yelling (or not actually yelling, but talking more civilised) at her. And yes, I was more upset at my sister than at my dad, and while I understand she only did it because she was so excited about getting another nephew, she's 24, and should be able to control her emotions by now lol.. but yeah I don't know the exact reason I was crying because of the phone call from my dad, whether it was because I was upset that he was upset, or upset because I wasn't the one to call him, or upset for forgetting he was not working very much, or upset for not sending him the text (which by the way didn't say the sex in it, just "We know what it is!" so I don't know if he thought I'd sent a text saying "It's a boy!!!" to everyone except him). Or maybe just a combination of all of them. To be honest I don't even know if my sister actually told him the sex, or if he was just annoyed that he didn't get a text message, or if he was annoyed that he obviously didn't get a call before her. Anyway, what's done is done, and there's no need to dwell on it furthur.

Today, if the weather holds out, we are going for a picnic, probably, or if not, I've suggested that we go out shopping for some things for Robert :) Or maybe we could do both! But I would like to go and buy a few little bits for Robert I think because all we have for him clothing wise is the three babygrows my dad got us from France. Size 3-6 months ;) So we'd need to at least get him an outfit for the hospital and trip home, etc, and possibly just a set of normal baby grows etc to start us off. And it would be lovely to get some nice blue stuff to umm and awww over! ;)

Anyway, will leave it here, but just before I go I will say that Jonathan felt Robert kick again last night, although it wasn't as strong, he said it just felt like my belly shaking a bit, like when you laugh. The kicks he felt the night before my birthday were a lot clearer, so I'm guessing Robert wasn't in as good a position this time!

Hope you are all well! Until next time!

Ok, small edit, we're going to do some weeding and spare room sorting today, as the weather's quite windy, although dry, and then tomorrow we're going to head over to the mothercare in Northampton ready for opening time, buy some bits for Robert, and then head over to the in-laws for Sunday lunch, who live in a small village just a few minutes out of Northampton. So a nice productive weekend hopefully. :)

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