Wednesday, 2 July 2008

19 weeks 4 days - wriggly day yesterday!

Yesterday was just wonderful! Sausage moved around so much! It was so lovely to feel so many movements, all throughout the day. I'm so so so glad I've now reached this part in the pregnancy, where occasionally I'll be taken by surprise by a little wriggle inside me, and be reminded that I am pregnant! That I have finally got my dream I've had for over 4 years, and that I'm finally starting my own little family. The feeling inside of my little Sausage moving around is just the weirdest thing I have felt, but at the same time, the most amazing, natural, and wonderful feeling. I'm so glad and happy to be pregnant. And I just can't wait until the scan! And so happy that this time I can be sure that Sausage is ok beforehand. It will be good to check that Sausage still has all the right bits in the right places, and that s/he is healthy and growing fine. And I also cannot wait to find out whether s/he is a she or a he ;)

On my due date forum, November, not many people have had their scans yet, but so far there are definitely more boys than girls. And people are getting their scans all the time. Someone who has their due date on 23rd (mine is 22nd) is getting theirs next Monday I think. Pfff, how unfair! ;)

Anyway, I'll leave it here for the time being. I hope over the coming days I get a lot more days like yesterday. Wriggle, Sausage, wriggle! xx

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