Tuesday, 15 July 2008

21 weeks 3 days - kicks and punches!

Eeeep! 8am I got up, because Jonathan brought me a cup of tea in bed before leaving, and I didn't want it to get cold. He usually leaves around 9am, but he wants to work overtime this week because it's a deadline week for him this week, which means he can't take off my birthday (Friday - same as yours Sarah?), especially since he has Thursday off for the scan. So he's trying to do an hour of flexi-time each day so he can get Friday afternoon off so at least he can spend some of it with me :) But yeah, usually he works til later in the evening, but he said last night he'd try and get in to work earlier so he can leave around the same time. I just assumed he wouldn't be able to, since he does like staying in bed! ;)

Thanks for the comments yesterday Sarah, I saw that flash family thing on someone else's website, and thought it was really cute! So pleased they had a pregnant woman model hehe! Will have to change it when the baby is born though to make me unpregnant, and to add in the baby! ;)

Becca, I am so looking forward to the scan on Thursday it's unbelievable - part of me though is wondering why other people are excited and looking forward to it too! I mean, I know why I'm excited, but I didn't feel the same way on knowing that my SIL was having her scan (although granted, she never actually TOLD me she was having any of her scans, and seemed to tell me pregnancy related stuff rather grudgingly), or when I knew Alice was going for hers with the boys (but then I can attribute that to not having ever been pregnant myself and not really knowing or understanding what a big deal these scans are for the parents). I was probably more excited about yours, since it's one of the only scans that have happened since I myself have had a scan, and can truly understand what the big deal is about! Hehe.

Anyway, it seems that in my head I have a constant countdown running! 2 days, 5 hours from now I will be lying on that table. Yeeee-haw! :D

Back again to the movements - I am so thrilled, because Sausage has definitely definitely become more active. I felt him/her kick and punch me on at least 4-5 occasions throughout the day for several minutes each time! Each time I felt something, if I wasn't busy doing anything, I'd run to the bed, and lay down so I could feel the movements more easily, and just marvel in the tiny prodding feelings in my tummy. I think that word sums up how I feel at the moment - marvelous - in the sense that every time I feel him/her kick I just marvel at it, and it makes me so happy. Primarily that when s/he is kicking, I know that my little Sausage is still alright, but also just because it is a wonderful, fabulous feeling, one that I feel so priveledged and lucky to have felt. And I still think back to how quickly we got pregnant with awe and thankfulness. I cannot believe how lucky we were to have got pregnant so quickly!

I know it took my SIL several months to conceive - or so she implied anyway, she mentioned to me "every month I got my period it was such a heartbreak". But now she's got a tiny little boy (I say tiny, he's 7 and a half months old now!) who I know she loves to pieces. And I know that her parents particularly couldn't be more happy - they have three girls, the older two (Nicky is the youngest) don't have children. One of them doesn't WANT them, and the other one that does has found out she can't have them. So Nicky's the only one who's been able to give them a grandchild.

I do sometimes wonder who will actually give Sausage his/her second cousin - will it be my brother and SIL again? Or will it be J's sister and her fiance? I don't expect it will be my sister to give Sausage his/her second cousin - maybe 4th or 5th? ;) Oh my gosh - when J's sister has a baby, boy, that baby will be a stunner. She's just so effortlessly gorgeous! There's a picture of her and her (now) fiance here, but you can only see the back of her head in that one, however here's a photo of her here.

Anyway.... eeeshk, I can talk for Britain once I get rambling! Only one more entry to go (possibly two) before the big scan entry! Wooohoooo!

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