Monday, 14 July 2008

21 weeks 2 days - more movements, gender thoughts.

Thanks linds for commenting. :) I thought it was cute too :D

I'm just so happy right now, although last night I got a bit depressed, thinking how on earth I was going to get through the next three days without completely going barmy. But now a new day is here I feel great, and happy, and best of all, Sausage does seem to be waking up now! And moving more than ever! I got lots and lots of movements during the day, and then at night, I got more movements again! I don't think it was hiccups this time, as they felt stronger. I was half expecting it to be able to be felt from the outside, but when I put my hand over the spot, Sausage stopped making them! :) I know that as the movements get REALLY strong, if they carry on being at night when I'm settling down to sleep they will become more and more annoying, but for now, I absolutely love them! And I just feel so great in knowing that Sausage is still thriving in there, and absolutely loving each and every move s/he makes.

Oh gosh, I really cannot WAIT until I can stop calling Sausage s/he and him/her and so on. I can't wait to call HIM Robert, or HER Chloe! And now I'm not nearly worrying as much about the wellbeing of Sausage, I'm looking forward to the scan so much, and thinking what a great birthday present it is to be able to see my first little one again the day before my birthday! And oh my goodness - even better if I get to find out the sex! I really do want to know, but if in the end it's not possible, then I think I could eventually come around to dealing with having a surprise.

In my mind though, I still think Sausage is a boy. Although to me now the %s are 50/50, I am thinking it's a boy probably because I know I would love a girl - and that way if it's a boy there is no surprise. But also I cannot help but think that family trends are huge and somehow irrefutable! Apart from my uncle from my mum's side, and my auntie from my dad's side both of which had a girl first, the REST of my entire family, and J's - have had a boy first. And likewise - my step-mother's family seems to be following the opposite trend - girls first. But there is the part of me that is sensible and logic based that thinks "don't be so stupid, it's 50/50 chance every time. That's why there have been exceptions in your extended family that break the 'boy first' rule".

Ah well, I guess time will tell! Three days to go! (although it would have been today, and I would have known by now if they hadn't changed the appointment! Grrr.)

J was on the phone to his parents yesterday evening, I guessed anyway because I am pretty sure he was talking about my birthday with them, I think they asked him what I wanted, and also they asked what we were doing at the weekend. It turns out we're going over to their house for a roast dinner on Sunday, and I wouldn't be surprised if they bought me a birthday cake, they seem to do that every year, it's so sweet! :) They really have treated me like one of their own. And I feel so proud that I get to give birth to their first grandchild! Anyway, I'll leave this here for now, my arms and legs seem to have got better from their extended exercises on Thursday and Friday, so will probably go on the wii fit again today for a while.

I hope you're all well, and I look forward to reading your next installments soon! x

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