Sunday, 6 July 2008

20 weeks 1 day - some worries

Twenty weeks! Wow! I'd feel a lot more happy about it though if I wasn't so worried at the moment. After I had that really active day (I think I posted about, it came just after the few days of nothing), I had a day where I only felt Sausage once or twice. Then I have had another few days of nothing. Or possibly nothing. I don't know, definitely not anything that's undeniably Sausage. So I'm worrying and worrying and hoping I'll feel some Sausage movements again soon. If I don't feel any definite movements today I will call the midwife tomorrow.

Something else that's not serving to ease my mind is that someone on a pregancy forum I read, who was due the same date as me (well, same date by dating scan, one day after by official EDD) lost her baby a couple of days ago :( She went to the midwife following brown bleeding and the midwife couldn't find a heartbeat, they sent her to the hospital where they confirmed that the baby had died and they gave her some tablets to induce labour to deliver the baby. Just short of 20 weeks :(

Anyway, last night I managed to sleep without my bra for the first time practically since I got pregnant. I took it off because I got grass all over and inside it from when we mowed the lawn earlier today and I was helping holding the bag open for J.

I have taken some 20 week belly pics, but they are full length ones. I will take some other ones in the mirror later today. Urgh, the full length ones are horrid. I look so huge and flubbery and bleugh. And my belly just looks like flub. So I'm wondering whether I want to post them or not. I'll see how I feel after I have taken the mirror ones.

Anyway, hope you are well. Thanks for reading x

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