Monday, 7 July 2008

20 weeks 2 days - seeing midwife today

Thanks for your comments girls... I know it's probably just normal "first time mum" worries.. but anyway I spent a while trying to get through to the midwife earlier, couldn't get her on her mobile, so called via the doctors surgery, who told me she was there today, and they gave her a message. She called back really quick (within half an hour or so), and told me that she'd fit me in after surgery to listen in and check everything was ok and to put my mind at rest. I probably sounded a lot worse and more worried because I had just run up the stairs to answer the phone and was a little puffed out (So unfit! tsk). But yes, I'm sure everything's going to be fine, and it'll all be good, but it will stop me worrying until my scan next Thursday (not this Thursday, the thursday after), and maybe be more receptive to baby's movements.

Anyway, I did what Becca said today, laid down and felt my belly, and yeah I think baby must be over on my left hand side, quite high up, as I feel a lot more solid there than on the right. I'm just pleased that from today, there's going to be less than 2 weeks until my scan, and then just over 2 weeks until my 24 week appointment, and from then on hopefully I'll have regular 4 week checkups so I know it won't be as long as this one - which is almost 6 weeks from my last appointment with the midwife to the scan.

Anyway, will be heading over to the doctors in about an hour's time, so I'll edit this post later this evening to say how it went (for any of you who might read between now and then). Thanks for your support girls, I feel like such a pregnancy "newbie" here. It means so much to have your experienced comments when I feel stressed and worried about such things. xx

Edit: Just got back from the midwife (half hour after leaving the house!), we heard the heartbeat, all is fine.. phew. She found it, then a couple of seconds later, lost it, apparently baby had moved! hehe. But yay, so pleased.

And yay! Half way! 20 weeks pregnant! Will go sort photos now for the belly gallery.

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