Thursday, 10 July 2008

20 weeks 5 days - Wii Fit! Feeling great!

One week to go until the scan! Woooohooo! It's so exciting. :) Thanks girls for all your lovely comments about my photos. I was very nervous about putting that full length one on - my hair is doing a weird floopy thing, and just look very... fat. It's weird, but I don't look that fat in the mirror. Ah well!

Anyway, some good news! Firstly, I've been feeling a few more movements today. Still nothing huge, but about 2 minutes ago I definitely felt Sausage movements, and hey, any movement is better than none. :) I really can't wait for it to become strong enough to make my belly wobble! And for J to feel it, but I feel that it won't be for a good few weeks to come yet.

Secondly, I've been having a great day today. I've been quite (ok, very) lazy the past ermm.. few months? And it just makes me so lethargic and bleugh, like I just don't feel like doing anything. But yesterday, during the day, a package arrived for J that I didn't know about, I figured I shouldn't open it, just incase it was something for my birthday next week, instead I emailed him and told him it had arrived, and he replied saying "Oh, I wasn't expecting that for a while! I didn't tell you about it because it's a surprise, but maybe you can see if you can wait til tonight?" And since before I got this reply I had fallen asleep on the sofa for 3 hours, it was already about 5pm, and so only had a couple more hours til J was due to get home, so I told him I'd wait. Anyway.... It was a Wii Fit! Now they're extremely popular, and for some reason, Nintendo don't make enough for everyone who wants one to buy them straight away, so getting them is a pain in the bum, to put it lightly. Anyway, J managed to get one by subscribing to a stock checker, and the things usually sell out in SECONDS but thanks to a website error, even though he got to the webpage a couple of minutes after the stock was announced, it still let him order one! And I guess he got into the first lot of the next batch that way!

But anyway, we had a little play with it last night, set it up and so on... Unsurprisingly it said I was obese - with a BMI of 33.04. I'm going to be careful not to overdo it, and make sure I only stick to the light exercises on there, but it can't hurt to get a bit of exercise daily using that and to try and tone up a little. Just got to make sure I take care of myself, and make sure I eat enough for the 2 of us, and healthily, and not to strain myself a lot. But it's exciting, and fun! The games on there are very addictive, and as well as helping your weight, they also help your posture, and so on.

Anyway, earlier today I went on there and did an hour's worth of exercise, only with the light stuff, like the stepping games, and the balance games, but it was still good and got me sweating a bit :) And I just feel so GREAT and energetic.

J wants to use it to tone up and get down to his ideal weight by the time the baby is born. He wants to tone up his upper body mainly, get rid of his "man boobs" as he calls them. But as it is, he's less than 1 BMI into the "overweight" category, curses to him and his tallness! ;) Whereas I'm 3 BMI into the OBESE category! The shame :( I think I was only 31 BMI when I got pregnant, which means I've put on quite a bit in that time. Ah well, I guess I have a pretty good excuse for putting on weight, but I still don't want to put on more than I have to, because it's gotta come off after the baby's born!

Anyway, hope you're all ok! xx

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