Wednesday, 23 July 2008

22 weeks 4 days - lack of energy, kicks, birthdays

Hello! Back again. I am finding myself increasingly tired again, and wondering if it's because Robert might be going through another growth phase? My energy just seems really sapped - I'm needing loads of sleep lately. Yesterday I slept in til 11am, and felt good for several hours, but then needed a nap around 7pm, just feeling completely drained. Also, last night, I felt SO completely bloated, I guess our meal was quite large, but still, it felt quite foreign to me. It felt to me like my tummy was HUGE, but then I looked down, and it was still the same size as yesterday! What was up with that?! ;) I climbed into bed groaning, and managed a fitful sleep.

Robert is still kicking away merrily in there. :) I laid down on the bed a few times during the day, and put my hands on my tummy - I think this encourages him to kick, he must feel the heat of my hands. I got several kicks that I think were strong enough to feel from the outside! I say think, I'm sure you girls have the same, that because you can feel it so plainly from the INSIDE, sometimes it's hard to distinguish what you feel inside and what (if anything) you feel outside! At least in this stage when the kicks are still quite gentle.

I've been using the maternity pillow J got me for my birthday the last couple of nights - it is extremely comfortable! Even now, without a huge bump! The only problem comes when I need to flip over onto my other side, I need to re-arrange the pillow too.

Anyway, I'll leave it there for now. I need to head into town today, it's my mum's birthday on Friday (we're seeing her Saturday) so I need to buy her a card, and perhaps a little pressie - perhaps some flowers or something. It's also my step-mother's birthday, and she's having a party on Sunday. AND, since these last few months have just been completely time consuming, there's a few kids in the family whose birthday moneys I forgot to send, (twins in January, and a boy in May) so I need to get that sorted as well, as they will likely be at the party on Sunday.

Oh, and just before I go today, I want to say thank you to Becca for that fab link to "Wordle" she put on her diary! I went and made one of my own, and it was surprising the words that came out bigger! And also made me see that I use the word "Anyway" much too often! Haha. And "just".

Here it is, anyway. Enjoy! :)

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