Thursday, 24 July 2008

22 weeks 5 days - strong kicks, things to sort, and a nice TMI night last night ;)

It's only been a week, but I feel like this little boy has grown SO much! I can now feel his kicks when I put my hands on my tummy! Not all the time mind you, but still, it's pretty clear when Robert is kicking, it feels much stronger already! It is still the most wonderful feeling in the world, I just love it so much! I hope I never grow to resent those little kicks he gives me, even if it hurts or if he keeps me up at night with them.

Sometimes I feel like the enormity of what J and I are about to experience in having a baby hasn't quite kicked in. I mean, it has, but we still have so much to do, namely... that damned spare bedroom that's still piled up with boxes!!! We haven't touched it in months! And then there's sorting out lists of things we need to get, things we need to do. I guess we still have a lot of time - 4 months until my due date, but we must be prepared for the possibility that he will come sooner.

I still have the nappies to sort out, the hypnobirthing classes, hospital bag, all sorts! Prioritising even now should be a major concern to me, but all I can seem to think about is how tired I am most of the time. I estimate that I sleep for about 12 hours a day lately. I go to bed at midnight usually, wake up at 9am when Jonathan goes to work, and then usually have a nap in the middle of the day for a few hours. I just seem so lazy, because even when I get up, the 12 hours I am awake, I don't seem to feel like doing a lot. *sigh*

This next paragraph has a bit of TMI
Ah well. Something else of note is that last night, for probably the first time in MONTHS (I can't remember when the last time was, before last night), J and I you knowed ;) I seem to keep having a lot of sexy dreams, more so than baby dreams. But anyway, J is a very sexual person, and I know he has been extremely worried about hurting the baby, or just has a problem with the "weirdness" factor. I keep telling him that there are plenty of men with the same worries, and that he should research it to give himself some piece of mind, but he doesn't. Anyway, I figured I'd give him a treat, but of course it ended up you know where, and even I was surprised at how good it felt for me, and pretty sure after several months it probably felt damned good for him too. Was nice though, to do that. And J was still very gentle (worried about hurting Robert, squashing him or whatever). And I know unless you're told not to, there's no reason why you shouldn't.
End of TMI

Right, well today I need to go into town, and do the things I mentioned yesterday. And get some more milk and fruit, and maybe some nibbly things for me ;) We had pizza last night, got a normal tesco value margerita, and added extra toppings to it, including some extra sauce, cheese, pepper, onion and bacon. It was nice! We decided to use up a tin of baked beans I'd had a couple days ago on it for the base, that was being kept in the fridge, and that was nice too! I think the pizza could have used more bacon though ;) I do like my bacon. My vice is most definitely food. (Hense the size 18-20) Hehe.

I hope today will be a nice active day for Robert. I had 2 or 3 strong kicks from him before I got up this morning, which was nice :) I do enjoy feeling him in there. Hope you're all well, girls. xx Thanks for reading.

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