Monday, 1 September 2008

28 weeks 2 days - BIG HAIR!

Thank you everyone for your comments on my baby bump! I think you must have all somehow picked up on my insecurity regarding weight and bump size etc and all your comments were lovely! Just what I needed!

This isn't going to be a long entry, but I figured you might be interested for more photos! Not of baby bump this time, but well, of a "hair experiment". ;) When I got my hair cut, the hairdresser told me how she saw the natural curl in my hair, and that to save time instead of blowdrying and straightening it, I could use the diffuser on my hairdryer, tip my head upside down, and dry my hair like that, which should take less time (good for when Robert arrives!), and still look good, as well as taking advantage of my natural curl (well, I thought my hair was simply wavy, not curly, but well, you know).

Anyway, I did it today after my shower, and by the time I'd finished I looked at myself, and burst out laughing! My hair was SOOOOO big! I got dressed and took some photos but I think the "bigness" died down a little and now I think hmmm... not bad! But yeah here are some pictures of it - tell me what you think! *giggles*

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