Wednesday, 10 September 2008

29 weeks 4 days - not such a good day - Hazel is sick.

Urgh. I know I've been trying to focus on the positives of pregnancy, and not dwell on the negatives too much, but today I'm just feeling completely "bleugh" from everything - the pain whenever I get up from laying down for a while (and every morning it's bad but I let it try not to let it get me down) in my lower back and bottom, the issues I have trying to roll over in bed, with afore mentioned pain, the heartburn I am now getting regularly during the day and not just in the middle of the night from laying down.

Today also my left leg has been so achy for some reason, and I have also been armed with kitchen roll and carpet stain remover practically all day - because the cat has decided (okok that's horrible, she didn't decide, she just is) to be sick. Three times. In six separate places. One of which was on the duvet. Which I really can't be bothered to change today because I feel so tired. Instead I just gave it a thorough scrub with the carpet and upholstery stain remover/cleaner. I'm not giving her any more meat today, and will see how she is with just the iams biscuits we have left for her in her bowl. She's brought up everything she's eaten today so far, so best not to give her any more meat for now. I've also smeared a little Katalax on her paws, incase the reason for her being sick is hairballs.

I guess it's good practise for when Robert arrives. But still, just feel like crap today, and finding it hard to notice let alone appreciate Robert's little squirms. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. Unless Hazel is still sick. In which case I'll ring up the vets to make an appointment (3rd vet appointment in 2 months - lucky her).

Brother's birthday is in 5 days - should really make sure to send a card out to him this weekend. That was more a note to self sort of thing, hopefully writing it down will help me remember easier.

Hope you're all ok. TTFN.

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