Wednesday, 3 September 2008

28 weeks 4 days - blood tests and midwife

To avoid spamming entries, I thought I'd write about yesterday in with today. I had my blood test appointment yesterday, and when I went at 8 weeks, for my initial blood test, she had trouble finding a vein in my left arm, so she did my right and it was fine. So I told this to the woman taking my blood, and she went for my right arm, but apparently that arm didn't have much blood in it - she could only fill a tube and a half (out of 3) from that arm, and she threw the half tube away... So she spent the next few minutes prodding my left arm with her finger trying to find a vein, and eventually found one, and luckily that one proved more fruitful (although it meant that yet again I was coming home with two puncture wounds :( ah well), and she got the remaining two tubes filled, then decided to top up the first, and then decided to do an entire new one incase the first one wasn't good enough (sigh). So I ended up having practically 5 tubes of blood taken when they only needed 3.

Then, as I walked out of the surgery, I felt that my right sandle wasn't feeling as secure as it usually did - and realised that one of the straps had come loose. :( My favourite sandles! :( I ended up walking home with a sandle strap flapping away. My right arm was sore for the next few hours, although the left was ok.

Anyway, today, I totally forgot about doing the urine sample for the midwife, and only just remembered as I stood up from the toilet about 20 minutes before the appointment! Argh! So I hurriedly drank a glass of water, fetched my urine bottle, and got as much as I could with a freshly emptied bladder. Didn't manage to get much, but thought I may as well take what I managed, and see if she can still use it. Then as I walked down the stairs (in some different sandles due to my usual ones being broken), I slipped, and bounced painfully down several stairs on my back/bottom, in the process, breaking the NEW sandles! So off I went to find a third pair of sandles that I could wear to the surgery, pack my tiny bit of wee into my bag, find my keys (Jonathan keeps hiding them every evening after using them to lock the front and back doors), and head out at about 5 minutes before my appointment.

Luckily I wasn't late, she was still seeing someone before I got there. She could use the tiny sample I got her which was good, and again, no abnormalities, no problems of any kind with urine, BP, Robert's heartbeat, and so on. She felt my belly and told me that Robert was lying head down, with his back along my left hand side, and his feet up on the right hand side, which actually sounds about right from the few kicks I'd been getting before I headed out ;)

I forgot to ask her about the painful gas I've been having recently, but I'm sure I can google it. But I did ask her about if she had any homebirthing information packs. The last time I muttered the "H" word, she frowned and looked all weirdly at me, before telling me it wasn't advisable for the first baby. This time I said "I know that you don't think it's advisable for the first baby, but from what I have been told it is my decision, and I would like to be fully informed of all my choices." And this time she didn't poo-pooh it, but said "okay, well we don't have an information pack per-se, but what we do is if at 34-36 weeks you've had no complications, I would come out to see you and your husband, and we'll discuss what you need to do, what would happen if there was something wrong, and so on" And she wrote in my notes that I was considering a home birth.

So now, once we have all the information, if I decide to go for the home birth, all I need to do is persuade Jonathan it's the best idea too! ;) He is still a bit iffy on the matter, but I think it's because he's so concerned about "what if" there's a problem where we need to go to hospital, and such. At one of the hypnobirthing sessions we went to, we were told that with an experienced midwife, they can tell LONG before that something isn't right, and can get you to the hospital in time easily.

There's such a lot to do and think about, but I'm sure it'll all get done in time. Anyway, I'd best get going now, I could do with some lunch really. Hope you're all well, and thanks for reading. xx

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