Wednesday, 24 September 2008

31 weeks 4 days - midwife appointment

The midwife appointment was today. Luckily, my pain when moving has worn off (actually started to get a little better yesterday, only slight twinges on getting up and down from seats, but hurt when I'd lain down for a while and tried to get up. Now it's only a slight twinge when getting up from laying down). Thank you for the comments by the way! Speaking to Beverley about it today, she said it was probably either the baby trapping a nerve, or the head engaging, and then popping back out again.

My urine and blood pressure were both fine as they have been throughout the pregnancy. I thought she was going to weigh me again when I saw her copy my BMI at booking to another section in the booklet, but she didn't. She did actually measure me this time though, and I measured 32 weeks - considering I'm 31 and 4 days that's pretty much spot on! She confirmed that Robert was still head down, as I thought based on where I was feeling his kicks! She also found his heartbeat within seconds! From where she placed the doppler, it seems he's now laying with his back to the right hand side of my belly!

She asked if I was getting some swelling, and I am, I've had to take off my wedding ring, because it was getting tight, and had trouble getting it off when I did try so lucky I guess I did it then instead of leaving it on! Also, my boots seem to have got a lot tighter, they're only little ankle boots (my calves are too fat for knee-highs), but with socks on they did struggle to be done up, plus my feet were wedged in slightly more firmly than normal. She didn't seem too concerned when I told her this, supposedly since my blood pressure was fine, it's probably just water retention.

After the appointment, I went for a walk along the highstreet, where I bought a stack of cards for upcoming birthdays. There are three in October (J's dad, my SIL Nicky, and J), then there's Ewan in November, so I got him a card with a big 1 on it, and then my sister in December. And I also got a card for my mum's partner, who's birthday was on Monday, but they're coming up this weekend for a roast and to be the first visitors to christen our new table! ;)

I am also getting desperate to see an optician. I first got glasses at the age of three, but I stopped wearing them when I was about 19 or so. My eyesight was fine at first, but now it's getting so poor I can bearly read posters 3 meters away. Unfortunately, it's another expense - I expect it will cost several hundred pounds for the eye test, and a couple of pairs of glasses with the lenses I will probably need. There is an optician in town, I looked at the opening times, so I'll have to try and make time to go down there, and make sure that there's money in my account. But I do really need them now. I'll speak to J about getting some money in my account and maybe go down before the weekend.

Hope you are all well, and I'm glad you had a nice day yesterday, Becca. x

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