Saturday, 13 September 2008

30 weeks (wow!) - labour thoughts, and other stuff.

Well girls (and maybe even guys? who knows! ;) ) I am now three quarters of my way through pregnancy. Thirty weeks today! Before I go on I want to thank Sarah, Alice and Leigh for their comments on my last entry, I cannot begin to say how much better it makes me feel that it is possible to be inherently lazy but still be a good mum with it. Armed with that knowledge, and the fear release from Hypnobirthing, hopefully I'll be able to put it all behind me.

I have been reading through the Hypnobirthing book we got given on our first session (finally!), and that, combined with the research I've been doing on the internet makes me think that I really would like to do a homebirth. There's no reason why I should sit back and go along with what the midwives think based purely on the "it's your first baby" argument. Besides which, I will be most comfortable here I think, as long as I organise ahead of time any equipment I will want - birth ball perhaps, maybe think about hiring a birthing pool.

There was one thing though that made me think from reading the book regarding a home birth, and personal situation, which will need to be resolved ahead of time, and probably in the coming few weeks. That is that my Mum would like to do a "Granny Dash" as she called it when my SIL gave birth last November. The only difference being that SIL gave birth in a hospital, and probably didn't have to deal with my mum until after Ewan had been born. (probably waited outside or with SIL's parents, or something) If we have a home birth, and she comes up on her Granny Dash as soon as she finds out I'm in labour, she most likely will be here before Robert is born, and I don't really know what to think about that or what we will do with regards to that. I talked to Jonathan about it in bed this morning, and both of us are thinking that we probably wouldn't want my mum in with us while I am labouring, although my main concern is that she might be trying to mother me too much during labour and cause me to lose my concentration and relaxation, that or generally be too "present". So I think I will need to talk to her to find out exactly what she is planning on doing, and tell her what we're thinking of, and so on, and use the information we get to make a decision as to perhaps when to call her, or whatever. If we decide in the end that we don't want her HERE before Robert is born, then we will probably see about calling her fairly late on in the labour. I will probably talk to her about it all anyway, so she knows our position and I know she will respect whatever we decide. And I know she will do her best to honour our wishes with regards to it.

Part of me though wants her there, because I feel so confident in my mind that I will be able to birth Robert comfortably, I want her to see it for herself. I think she was one of those people who thought "Hah, childbirth without pain? Yeah right, dream on" until I showed her that youtube video I posted on here a few weeks back (but via MSN), and she was like "Hmm, yeah my experiences of childbirth were nothing like that." And now I get the feeling she's of the mindset that "well, if this hypnobirthing thing works for Nicola I'll be pleased for her". My dad, who is a biologist, is also very sceptical. I tried explaining it to him, and he seemed very set in his beliefs that childbirth cannot be comfortable ever. I even tried comparing it to other animals' birthings, and how we are the only ones who seem to be "flawed" in that we cannot give birth comfortably, whereas the rest of the animal kingdom can give birth without excruciating pain. And still, it went over his head completely. Still, I know what I've learned, I've seen now goodness knows how many birth videos of people having comfortable births with no pain. I just now have a lot of revision (read practise!) before the final exam. Hehe.

Anyway, last night I didn't get a lot of sleep, I had bad heartburn and should have got up and taken some gaviscon a lot earlier than I did, because I was drifting in and out of sleep for goodness knows how long, until I got up around 4.30am, took some gaviscon and stayed up about 45 minutes to let it settle down a bit, and then went back to bed and had some solid sleep. But I felt really knackered this morning, and still feel a little sleepy truth be told. We were planning on heading to Aylesbury again today but I just don't feel up to the long travel (hour each way) and then cleaning, grabbing boxes from the loft, bleugh and so on. Plus I'm getting a lot bigger and feeling more "full of baby" than ever, and things are just so much more of a chore than they used to be. So Jonathan has gone to Aylesbury alone, but he phoned up his dad, and asked if he could come and help him get the carpet in the hallway up, and get things out of the loft, and tomorrow we're going to treat them to a roast dinner for all the help they've given us in the flat. Only I took out the joint of beef we had in the freezer - and it says it serves 2-3 people only :( And there'll be 5 of us there, which is a bit of a stretch, I thought it was a 3-4 people roast at least. So I might head into town in a little while and see if the small tesco has a roast join in it, if not, there's a newly opened "tesco rival" kind of shop. And failing that, telling Jonathan to pop into the Wellingborough tesco or the Aylesbury tesco on his way home and pick up a bigger one.

Unfortunately the table we've ordered from Argos isn't going to be arriving until Monday (doh!) so it'll be lap trays for the 5 of us. I am so glad this table is arriving soon though - I really am getting too big for lap trays. Although I think it's a flat packed jobbie again - unsurprisingly, as every bit of furniture we've bought since we've moved, apart from the sofas of course, have been flat packed!

Anyway I'll sign off here - oh before I do, I should let you know the cat appears to be better. The vet gave her an inflammitory injection which appears to have helped, she seems to have kept all of her food down now since we took her on Thursday afternoon. I hope you're all well, and look forward to seeing your names in red (those that I have anyway!).

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