Monday, 15 September 2008

30 weeks 2 days - weekend news, mum's response re. labour, and painful pelvis kicks!

Our dining set is arriving today! I'm so excited about it! :) Lap trays which we have been eating off of for ooooh - 6 years now - are getting too uncomfortable for me. My bump is getting to the stage where I have to lean right over my tray because it sits so far forward on my lap now, that my back hurts.

Yesterday we invited Jonathan's parents over for a roast dinner, and they brought Barbara with them. Barbara is a friend of Jonathan's late paternal grandma, who while she was alive lived next door to his parents, and Barbara lives in the same village. Now Barbara has lost her husband, she is getting more company for lunches, and she's a lovely woman, and I enjoy seeing her. She's almost like a surrogate grandma for Jonathan. Anyway it was going to be another lunch on the laptrays, but the weather gods decided to be kind, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! So we decided to eat outside on our garden furniture instead. The meal, despite the fact we had to get a new roast joint from Tesco in the morning, was delicious, and I think we did really well. :)

Afterwards we came and sat back indoors, and Robert, who had clearly enjoyed his meal of roast beef, potatoes veg and yorkshire puddings, with mango ice cream as dessert, decided to start kicking and squirming away merrily in there! I asked Betsy if she'd like to feel her grandson kicking, and she came over. Of course, as he usually does, as soon as someone else comes over to feel a kick he will stop, but he did give her a fairly big wriggle in the end! She seemed quite pleased about it, obviously not wanting to ask me herself. Barbara also tried feeling for a kick but he was less co-operative for her, and although he did do a little wriggle, she didn't feel it. But it was an extremely pleasant day over-all, even if I did end up feeling rather washed out by the end.

Oh, also I forgot to mention, I talked to my mum regarding the labour and granny dash situation, and as I expected she was completely understanding about it, and said that whatever we wanted to do she would respect that and just go along with it, and all she wanted to do was get a chance to see Robert as soon as possible after he was born, and have a cuddle. She said if that meant us waiting until just after he was born to let her know then fair enough, or her waiting in the car or downstairs, etc. (although we will probably be doing it downstairs where there will be more freedom of movement) So yes, all in all a good conversation. I expect that Steve and Betsy will also want to come along as soon as possible when Robert is born, and it's not such a long journey for them, which is good.

It seems quite scary that although I'm only 30 weeks, I feel it could happen any day! Well not literally, but I think - it COULD happen in 5-6 weeks! Or if not, 8 weeks. But then it could be as far as 12 weeks. There is still so much to do, so much to sort out. I need to get a hospital bag sorted out (just in case I do have to go into hospital), I need to get the spare room sorted, nappies sorted, a million and one other things I probably haven't thought about sorted. It feels a little like when I was in school and I'd always leave homework til the last evening before it was due in, even though for the entire week I'd be thinking "I should really do my homework now so I don't have to worry about it". Only this time, I don't KNOW when exactly the 'homework' is due!

Anyway. Before I wrap up this entry, one last little tidbit. As I crawled into bed at about 10.30pm last night, and laid down to sleep, of course Robert decided this meant it was playtime. Now he doesn't kick the front of my belly it seems anymore at night, but instead goes for the sides of my belly, usually the side right by the bed. He chooses this moment, as he did last night, at LEAST twice (possibly three times) to kick my pelvis really hard that it made me jump. Yee-ouch! I ended up turning over to lay on my back in the hopes it would stop him carrying on, or at least make it not quite so intense if he did! But what a little monkey!

Right, better be going now, the window frame I got given for delivery of the table and chairs were 10am-2pm, which it has now crossed over into, so I need to be ready to go answer the door. :)

Have a great day everyone!

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