Tuesday, 16 September 2008

30 weeks 3 days - our own dining furniture! And quieter kicks from Robert - growth spurt?

Ooooh! Hello again! Last night we had our very first meal at our OWN table! Squeeee! I can't believe how good it feels to have our very own dining furniture. It feels so.... adult(!) of us. After 6 years of dinners on lap trays! The chairs were a lot more difficult to put together than the table, as the top came ready made and we only had to screw in the four legs and it was done. Whereas the chairs had a lot more bits to be screwed together, and then the seat screwed on, etc etc.

The only thing I'm a bit disappointed about is that on one of the pull out leaves (yep, extending table!), there's a big scratch :( It was obviously made during manufacture or something like that, as there is nothing for it to catch on when it gets pulled out. Which means that we're going to have to phone up and get either the leaf or the whole table replaced. :(

But apart from that I'm so chuffed with it! It's square when it's not extended, and big enough for 4 people just about, and extended, big enough for 6. Until we get the garage converted, it will live at the bottom of the stairs in the living room, and it fits fine there. :) If we want 4 or 6 people round though we'll have to shuffle furniture around to pull it out.

Robert's kicks seem to have died down a bit over the past day or so. Last night his kicks were there, but seemed a lot softer than usual, the same as his day kicks. Although, the kicks during the day (or seemingly lack thereof) could have been attributed to me putting together some of the dining chairs.

I've had two fairly decent nights sleep now without heartburn. Friday and Saturday nights I was up with heartburn, but it seems to have subsided again. Which means that my sleep is less interrupted which can only be good.

I can't believe it's almost TWO months until my EDD. As the time gets nearer and nearer I get more excited, more scared (in a good way!), and just wow - I can't believe how soon it is before my life will completely change. I suppose at some point soon I should probably tell the next door neighbours that we're having a baby, seeing as we share a wall!

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