Thursday, 28 August 2008

27 weeks 5 days - loves!

I wish I could capture the essence of exactly how it feels when Robert kicks and squirms inside me. Because it's the most magical and amazing feeling I've ever felt. It's the sort of feeling I just want to talk and talk and talk about - to try and describe to anyone who's never felt it before. But somehow whenever I try and think about it, to put it into words, I can't. I mean, well, some of the feelings I feel can be described, but the feelings of your baby moving and squirming and kicking inside you are so varied and different.

There's one that sort of feels like when you go over a bump in a car, that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you're momentarily airborne. But then how to describe the kicks? How to describe the feeling you get when your little one squirms right against your belly like they feel so close you could reach down and touch them? And how that's different to when they're squirming or changing position in general. I just love them all!

I am finding myself rushing to the bedroom whenever I feel Robbie squirming in there, and hoping that my moving hasn't lulled him to sleep, so I can continue to watch him! I love the way my entire belly wobbles around when he squirms and wriggles in there. And then blips out with a kick.

I love knowing that he's getting stronger in there, and getting bigger, just from the way his movements feel to me. I love the way I know from day to day that he's okay, that I don't have to worry, that I can enjoy him being in me and growing.

I love the fact that although there are so many things I can't do now, I don't really CARE! Because I love being pregnant and I wouldn't change it for the world! And I love the fact that there's still so much for me to experience! I love looking at my belly in the mirror, in fact, I'm really beginning to love my entire pregnant body! Even with the purple stretchmarks on the sides of my bump/hips. I feel that my belly has all of a sudden grown a lot more, and with it, my self-esteem. I feel so beautiful when I look at myself naked. I love the way my bump looks, I love the way my boobs look(!), and despite the odd aches and pains and heartburn (which comes more frequently now, and sometimes even during the day), I feel amazing.

I love the fact that my husband and I are doing hypnobirthing. I love the fact that I find my husband's voice soothing. I love that he can get me into a state of such dreamy relaxation that I don't want to come out of it! I love that it makes us feel stronger as a couple, and that he will be so important on Robert's birth day. I love it when I see that look of joy and awe in his eyes when he gets to feel Robert kick or squirm, and wish that he could feel it more often.

There is probably a lot more, but I love it that just off the top of my head I have found so many things I love about being pregnant.

I hope this hasn't made too many of you hormonal and weepy! Or perhaps I do hope that, hehe. :) Hope you're all well, and thanks for reading.

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