Monday, 4 August 2008

24 weeks 2 days - flat decorating, and new belly pics!

Well, J and I had a very productive day yesterday. We went to our old flat in Aylesbury (we still own it, we're getting it ready to sell) to start on the decorating. We have taken down the shelves in the living room (ugly ones we put up to house all of our DVDs and computer stuff), then we went around filling in all the holes in the walls in both the living room and the bedroom. That took a while because I also washed down all the walls in the bedroom ready for painting - they were extremely dusty. We took a late lunch break, got back around 5pm, and then sanded down all the holes we'd filled in the bedroom, and then got started painting. Now, this is what the bedroom looked like before. Of course there's no furniture in it anymore, well except a bunch of crap stuff we didn't want anymore - an old bookcase, the blue chest of drawers you see in the photo, and also the black desk like thing the lamp on the right is sitting on. But yeah, VERY red. We basically painted the whole room (the whole room was decorated like that - it wasn't just one wall of red in a nice otherwise plain bright room) with the first coat of white to try and get rid of the red. The room will need at least 2 coats of white, followed by the coat of magnolia (yay! haha) on top. But goodness, it'll be worth it, the room should look so much brighter. And hopefully, it'll also look bigger. But we have so much work to do. We also need to paint the living room, replace the hall carpet, and then probably hire a professional cleaner to just blitz the place from top to toe. And then maybe hire some furniture just to spruce the place up and make it look presentable, get rid of all the crud in there at the moment.

We got home around 10pm, and I was absolutely knackered. Maybe it was the long car journey home from having just been very active painting, bending, squatting to do the bottoms of the walls, standing on my feet a lot, but by the time we got back and I sat down, it was like my entire body stiffened up, and it was agony even to walk over to the coffee table (currently pushed up against the wall), bend down and get myself some fruit. Followed by an extremely uncomfortable night of not being able to turn over without being in agony. Luckily, being up and about for a few hours seems to have loosened my joints a little, and I'm no longer in pain. But I feel so proud of our day's work on the flat. :) Yes we only managed to put on one coat, but we're done with all the filling in, and all we need to do now is more painting. And it was quite fun and theraputic :)

Right. Well now weekend (well, Sunday) news has been done, I can tell you I've taken more belly pictures! I haven't compared them to the old ones yet, I'll post the new ones here (well I took different angles), so I'll post the un-traditional ones here, and the traditional one to the belly gallery for comparison. I also took a picture of my new hair cut, although grrr, the straightening didn't last long, and it now looks all wavy as per usual, and of course nothing like it did when I came back from the hair dresser. Which is a shame because I have no photographic evidence of my post-hairdresser-pre-wash hair cut. I take horrid photos, my usual looks are horrid when captured so I have to grin totally over-the-top to actually look semi-normal in photos.

So, here are my belly pictures (you'll find the usual half-bare pic in the belly gallery).

First off is the clothed bump, wearing a top that is a little too short for my bump right now, really need to get some belly belt things so I can keep wearing little tank tops if I need to.

Next is bare belly side shot, you can see some horrendous purple stretchmarks here, they were already there from pre-pregnancy though, just got a bit worse since Robert started his journey ;)

Next I decided to do a frontal bare shot. You can really see the extent of my stretchmarks here, ones that I DIDN'T have before pregnancy, these are all new! Looks like I'm not going to be as lucky as Alice or Megan!

Right, well I'll sign off here, and go put that normal belly shot in the belly gallery, and then compare ;) I feel bigger (slightly) but we shall see!

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