Monday, 11 August 2008

25 weeks 2 days - bedroom finished (mostly), Robert's developments

25 weeks pregnant! I still get really amazed whenever I reach a new week thinking "Wow, another whole week pregnant!" It's like I'm still in a bit of a dream about it all and that I can't believe we are actually HERE. Amazing, that I'm almost in the THIRD trimester! And confusing how different websites reckon different weeks for each trimester ;) Robert is now viable, but please Robert, stay in there at least 13 weeks longer!

Robert is now about 1.5lbs, he responds to light and touch as well as his hearing having being developed now for a couple of weeks. His taste buds are forming too! His nostrils are beginning to open so he can practice "breathing" through his nose.

I wasn't actually going to get up this early today. I was extremely tired, as we've been decorating the flat in Aylesbury all weekend (well, about 5 hours both days), and as such have been achy, which makes turning in bed difficult and wakes me up. Anyway, as I laid there after J went to work, it seemed that a certain little someone decided he didn't want me to stay in bed... as I got several kicks to my bladder as if to say "Cmon, stop being lazy now, get yo ass out of bed!!!" Ah well! I think he's definitely already got a little personality going on there, and I agree with Jemma's comment on the last entry or the one before, that he's going to be a bit of a handful! Although, since his ultra active day on Thursday last week, he's not been AS active, but still several bouts of kicking each day. Although with having such busy weekends it might have been hard to tell when he's been active.

We've now finished painting the bedroom (well, apart from glossing, and possibly going back over the magnolia on top with white to break up the wall a bit), and it looks SOOOOO much better now. I cannot believe what a great improvement a lick of paint has made to that room. It took 2 coats of white and a coat of magnolia to cover up the red, oh and something that was quite bizarre, above the window in the bedroom... after we applied the magnolia paint and it had dried a bit, Jonathan called out to me "There's writing on this wall!" I came and looked, it was quite hard to make out at first, but yeah... take a look at this photo! Jonathan reckons that we have ghosts there, which is why it never showed up til we painted. On that bit of wall, there was 1 coat of white, and 2 coats of magnolia (he painted over the writing after he saw it the first time to see if it would cover it). Very odd.. Sacred Spirits.. hmmm... But when the curtain pole is back up it won't be noticeable. But yes, overall very happy with the bedroom.

Jonathan's parents are coming over next weekend to help with the living room, so maybe, the living room will be done in one day?! :) Would be handy if it was, will save us going over there on the Sunday, and we can't go round the next weekend because we've said we'll go to Kent for Dad's birthday thing. If the living room hasn't been finished by then we'll have to go back and do it the weekend after Dad's birthday BBQ. Then once all the decorating has been done, we can hire a cleaner, and they can give the house a fantastico clean, and then we can put it on the market! And hopefully sell it before Robert is born.

Anyway, I'd better get going now, had to go to the toilet AGAIN after Robert decided to give my bladder another kicking. Can't have my usual honey nut cornflakes breakfast, because we ran out of milk (well, only enough for J to make my tea this morning), and it being Sunday yesterday, tesco closed early. Pfff. So will have to settle for toast, and then walk down to the tesco in a bit and get some milk. Hope you're all well, and a HUGE congrats to Megan!!!! She has had her little Matthew and it sounds like he's breastfeeding like a champ! Can't wait for more updates from her, but I guess I'll have to be patient ;)

Oh, something I forgot to add (so am adding it now at 1.15pm hehe.. I am feeling now as though my belly is ballooning - it really feels huge. I find myself sometimes waddling around (although this is mainly when I'm tired last thing at night or first thing in the morning, or somewhere in between). I was laying down in bed (went back for an hour or so for a snooze after my tea), and my tummy just felt huge and ROCK solid. Huge pregnant tummy yay ;) I think it's expanded up furthur a lot since I last noticed, the last time I felt where it was (even only about a week ago), it was only a small way above my belly button. But I feel it's now a huge amount higher, maybe 2 inches above?

We really need to see about getting a new table and chairs before my belly gets too big for me to be able to eat on my lap... Right, am off again now. Need to phone up the doctor's today to book an appointment for my 28 week blood tests. Joy of joy. Only 3 weeks away from my 28 week antenatal appointment now :) I do so like going because I get to hear my little Robert's heartbeat galloping along! :)

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