Tuesday, 12 August 2008

25 weeks 3 days - family visit today, preparations

Second entry of the day! Click back to read about Robert's acrobatics if you missed it. :)

Just heard that Stephen and Nicky are going to pop over for a few hours around 5pm today with Ewan. :) Quite excited about seeing my little nephew again (only the second time since he was born last November! Shame on us!).

Got quite a lot to sort out before they come, clearing some space for Ewan to go nuts in (hehe, apparently he's quite the active little Haggis now), vacuuming, cleaning up some junk, etc. And also since they'll be coming over around tea time I've asked if they want food, which they said they will if it's not too much bother. So I went scouring in the cupboards and freezer and such for some vegetarian ideas (Nicky's vegetarian), and came up with quite a surprisingly nice meal considering we have mostly meat stuff in the house! ;)

My famous (well, ok, not famous, but you know) courgette soup for starter, with some homemade bread. (which I will set going in a minute) Followed by a cheese and onion potato bake (found a jar in the cupboard yay!), with some veg. Followed by perhaps some little chocolate cakes if I get time to make them.

Jonathan should be getting home around 4.30-4.45ish, hopefully. He managed to wangle something very last minute. :)

Anyway, got a lot to do! See you all later!

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