Tuesday, 5 August 2008

24 weeks 3 days - dreams, and youtube link to a hypnobirth

Over the last month or so, I've been having a lot of extremely vivid dreams. Several of these dreams have been sexual, which is ummm.. quite nice! ;) Something that baffles me though is that very few of these dreams are actually dreams about J. They seem to be mostly strangers (just random people who I've never met at all, just a made-up face), or people I know sort of but not very well, but in one instance (and I feel rather ashamed and dirty for even writing this down) it was my brother... :S I know it's just a dream, and has no reflect on what I will do or perhaps even consciously want to do, but still, the thought that I had that dream grossed me out. Anyway, last night I had such a dream (with a stranger), and although in the dream we never quite got round to doing... that... I eventually woke up, and contemplated waking J up for some middle of the night/early morning romping! Hehe. But it's hard, knowing that he doesn't really like the idea of doing it knowing Robert's in there, and now he's active... Shortly after I woke and was contemplating waking J up, Robert started to kick, so I decided against it, and just went back to sleep. (I think I actually tried to re-enter the dream, but of course it didn't work... ah well!)

I've also had a few bizarre vivid dreams. Last night, sort of connected to the sexual one, I dreamed that we were driving or walking (can't remember now, I think it was walking though) somewhere where I knew the road layout well. We were using a hand guidance system with road maps there and that showed you your location as you were walking, and while the road layouts looked familiar, the houses and buildings on the road were becoming more and more bizarre. Then the roads AND the road map morphed into a completely unfamilar road layout, and I remember thinking that we were still on the normal road layout but for some reason we were following the unfamiliar one both on the map and in the real world, and the normal one had somehow fallen into some parallel world or something.

I also had a dream a couple of nights ago where Robert was here, born. And while I was dreaming I could visualise his little face so well! But now the face I dreamed is a little blurry. But I remember thinking how his little face was mature for a baby, yet he was still tiny. And I remember him having dark dark hair. Oh my, I think I would just melt if it turns out that Robert has a head of gorgeous dark hair. It's entirely likely that our children will have dark hair, since J and I both also have dark hair. I don't know why, but babies with dark hair are just soooo gorgeous! Of course babies with light hair, or no/very little hair are also gorgeous, but I do have a soft spot for dark haired babies... I will love my little Robert no matter how he turns out looking. But for him to have lots of dark whispy hair would be a dream come true for me. :)

Before I go any furthur I want to thank those of you who commented on my last entry, both in comments and notes. Sarah: I do use some stretchmark oil whenever my bump feels itchy. I don't know if it is doing anything at all, perhaps lessening the stretchmarks I don't know. But I suppose it's good to make sure the skin is moisturised as it's stretching. Although I know I implied I hated them (I suppose I would have preferred none), I actually love my little bump even with the stretchmarks. I guess they're kind of like a little badge of honour.

Jemma, Linds, Heather, thanks for your compliments on my photo. I do look a lot better in that one than my full length one I took at 20 weeks, because I made a conscious effort to give a big smile. I must remember that whenever I get my photo taken in the future, that big smile = better photo! Hehe.

Becca - who knows?! I think the bump shape thing is all an old wives tale, we might yet see Sophie join us in October/November. :) Still, it's comforting to know that there are others who have bumps like mine.

Oh, right, before I do go, I want to post this Youtube video, it's of a home birth of someone in America, who also did Hypnobirthing. It's truly fascinating to watch, and also really inspirational with how calm she is and beautifully her baby is brought into the world. Hope this works anyway, I've not embedded youtube videos before. Although, you might have to go and confirm your birthdate at the actual site so I'll put the link to the movie here as well incase you need to go login.

Video Link.

Anyway, time to go now, just going to send some "labour vibes" to Megan, as she's nearing her due date now and I'm sure she must be going crazy! Hope you see little Peanut soon!

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