Thursday, 7 August 2008

24 weeks 5 days - active little Robbie, emotions, and could Meg's little Peanut be on his way?!

Well, 2nd hypnobirthing class is tonight, we need to take some pillows with us tonight, and for the next 3 as well (5 lessons in total). Not sure exactly what we'll be doing tonight, I think it was originally going to be teaching the labour partners how to hypnotise us (by hypnotise, I of course mean aiding us into a deep state of relaxation), but I think at least 2 of the 6 husbands/partners can't make it to this session so we might be waiting til the next session.

I know I have no other frame of reference, this being my first pregnancy and all, but I cannot believe how ACTIVE Robert is. He probably has around 4-6 active moments each day now, some more-so than others. Rarely he kicks first thing in the morning, but this morning, while Jonathan was getting ready for work, and I was laying in bed, Robert started to kick, quite a lot too, and fairly hard, so I called out that he was kicking, and Jonathan put his hand on my belly, and over the next 30 seconds or so, Robert gave about 3 or 4 strong kicks to Jonathan's hand. :) He'd kicked about 7 or 8 times before that too before Jonathan came in. Then just before Jonathan left, he came in and kissed my belly, and then put his hand (which was cold from washing his hands or something) on my belly, and Robert gave another 3 gentle kicks, of which Jonathan felt 1 or 2. :) This I think is the first time Robert's kicked just before J's gone off to work. :)

And then, downstairs I was watching a friends episode, and eating my breakfast, when Robert started kicking again. I just feel so blessed (I say blessed, I know it's a religious term, and I'm not at all religious anymore, but it feels like the most appropriate word) to be pregnant! And to get this far along in my first pregnancy! And to feel my sweet son poking and prodding and kicking me. :) Sometimes I feel several kicks all in the space of a couple of seconds, which makes me think maybe he's changing position at that time, and trying to get comfortable again. Once yesterday I felt one kick over on my right hand side, and then about 3 or 4 seconds later, one on my left hand side, so I guess he must have either changed position very quickly, or one of them was a punch! ;)

I love these little kicks so much! Not only because they remind me that I'm pregnant every day, and that soon I will be holding my sweet son, but also because they let me know he's ok, and he's growing bigger and stronger all the time! They are helping me to connect with this little person inside of me so much. Truth be told, it's hard to connect with an idea as much as a constant reminder that something is there. Before I could feel the kicks and movements every day, it was hard to imagine there was a baby inside me let alone connect with it. I could see little to no change in my body, I could feel nothing, it felt a little like I was a fraud, that I wasn't pregnant at all. Then I had the 12 week scan, and there he was, but still, no movements, no clues apart from that picture on the screen to let me know he really was in there. These kicks are so human-like there is now no denying I am pregnant at all, and I love it so much! And I can connect with this tiny boy inside me who is letting me know he is there, and he can hear me. :) I am so glad I'm into the 2nd trimester, and can feel my tiny boy every day. And I can't wait to experience the 3rd trimester! Robert is kicking again as I type this - making this the third active session today! Already! At only 10.30am. :) And while I can't wait to meet my little Robbie, I am also eager to make sure I experience everything properly, and to make sure we are completely ready for him to join us.

That's another idea I cannot fathom, how, in 3 and a half short months, we will no longer just be 2 people, but a family of THREE!

I am just completely overwhelmed by so many emotions these days. I cannot believe that in such a short time, I will be someone's Mummy.

Oooh! And it seems things are on the move for Meg. Soooo exciting! I can't believe still she's already at her due date (almost!). But I guess that since she was 15 weeks ahead that would of course make her due now, since I'm practically 25 weeks pregnant! ;) I can't wait to see her pictures of little Peanut, I'm sure we'll be seeing them soon. Yay!

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