Friday, 1 May 2009

5 months old - new milestones! Weight loss

It seems that since the last time I wrote about what Robert can do, he's now done more! He is growing up so fast, I'm so glad we took people's advice to take lots of pictures of him as a baby!

He is now getting so inquisitive! He loves to touch things and reach out for things! Which makes reading him his "That's not my..." books much more rewarding! He has That's Not My: Dragon, Kitten, Car, Lion and Monkey.

He will now feel the fluffy/rough/smooth etc bits on them and wriggle his fingers about!

And his play mat is now sooo interesting! All these hanging things to swipe at, and grab, and try and get into his mouth! I rested his inchworm over the bar as he was laying under it last week, and he was enjoying looking at it, but it was SOOO funny the expressions he was making I had to run for the camera!

Soo soo cute!

I think I posted that he will sit up for up to a minute before falling over before... well Jonathan took a picture of him doing that!

As you can see he's still quite hunched over, but he does seem to love sitting! And standing, boy, this little man loves to stand!

Anyway, here is Robert's new latest trick! At last!!! We've been waiting for him to do this for ages!

He'd been just "flapping" on his front for aaages, like this

So it's nice to see him push up at last! He has not yet figured out how to bring his knees up too at the same time as his arms, but I'm not in a rush for him to do this! As it means crawling won't be far behind! And this means a rush to baby proof the house!

At the weekend we went for a walk again with Jonathan's parents, and also his sister, and Jonathan's gran's friend who sees his parents often as they live in the same village.

It has been beautiful weather the last few weekends and this walk was very pleasant!

Anyways, I've added a weightloss ticker to my diary, as it'll be good to keep an eye on just how well I'm doing! And also this way you can see when we'll be starting TTC again! (When it gets near the end!)

I just can't get over how motivated I am this time to lose the weight! I guess the broodiness and knowing we're not going to try for another until I've lost a few dress sizes will help! But also, it just doesn't SEEM like a chore at all! I've been getting in lots of fruit, and veg, and ingredients for lots of yummy homecooked food - I absolutely adore that Shepherd's Pie recipe I got from Alice! It's sooo tasty! The last batch I did we separated it into 8 portions (so smaller portions than the last time when it only did 6 larger ones), but ate it with half a plate of salad. Now, I'm not a HUGE salad fan at ALL. I tend to find it boring and tasteless. However, with a yummy meal like Shepherd's Pie, or Cauliflower Cheese, or a Pasta Bake, it's really not that bad at all, a bit of salad with a bit of the yummy stuff and it's fine!

For lunch I've tended to have another bowl of cereal. It's quick and easy, got lots of minerals and vitamins in, and it's quite a low-cal meal option.

Then during the day I just snack on fruits and raw carrots. I've stopped buying chocolate, cake, crisps. If I get a sweet craving, I dive into the fridge for a Muller Light yoghurt!

Then there's the long walk every weekend, and the shorter walks here and there during the week.

And 10lbs down in the last month, which I'm so pleased about! It won't be long until I've lost Robert's current weight, and then I'll think "woah, I was carrying around this weight on me extra all the time". I'm just so motivated I can't believe it! I know it'll be a while before I lose all the weight I want to, but well, the weight piled on over the course of a few years, so I'm expecting it to take at least a year to get it off again. And boy, am I looking forward to having to go clothes shopping! :D

Anyway, gonna head off for now! Hope you've had a good week!

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