Thursday, 7 May 2009

5 and a half months old - more foods, anniversary, night out, weight loss

Argh. Robert is still up but I really need a few minutes to myself right now. He's going through what I hope is just a phase where he just WON'T settle to eat. Maybe it's a nursing strike? Or his teeth bothering him? Who knows, but it's really getting me down.

Anyway, onto other things. Baby Led Weaning. It's so much easier and fun than I imagined it to be from reading about it on Alice's diary yonks ago!

So far he's gummed with gusto: apple, pear, banana (of course), cucumber, cauliflower, brocolli, cauliflower cheese (oh my, the mess!) and just today, he had some pasta. Oh, and he's sucked the seeds out of a cherry tomato.

I have no idea how much of the pasta he ate, it ended up in bits everywhere! But he did enjoy it a lot! He hasn't actually pulled any "ewwww" faces at anything we've given him so far!

Some other things I want to try him on soon: Pepper, toast (with margerine or without? Anyone?), melon, kiwi, perhaps some cheese, and some of the yuuuuummy shepherd's pie. (Maybe only a tiny bit of the meat layer)

I look at him sitting there, in his highchair, with a fistful of "grown up food" and I don't know, I can't describe how LOVELY it is! How grown up my tiny boy looks! And ohhh it's so lovely seeing him enjoy putting food in his mouth and gum it a bit, and seeing what it tastes like!

Jonathan found a screensaver which basically can be pointed at a directory on your computer, and it effectively makes a slideshow of all the photos in it, in random orers, and zooming in and out of them and fading into each other. Naturally we have our ones pointed at the directory with the 800+ photos of Robert we have and I just CAN'T get over how much he's changed. Photos of him as a teeny 3 week old, with only an inch of hair (only! Haha!), and then a photo of him now, with a gorgeous smile on his face and ooooh I love him so! He's growing up so quickly!

Talking of photos of Robert... ohh I'm so thrilled - Jonathan, for our anniversary (married 4 years today!!!), bought 2 gorgeous canvas prints for the house! They are sooo lovely... these are the photos he chose to get printed on canvas...

This one is in a black frame, and is on our living room wall opposite the bigger sofa so we see it every time we sit down there. :)

And this one... on our bedroom wall, over our bed (we can see it in the mirrors of the wardrobe).

So so lovely! Whereas I decided that 4 years of marriage isn't cotton, or china or whatever it's supposed to be, but it is instead horror-based computer games with zombies in it! Haha! (Oh, and I bought a recipe book, it was only £5 from WHSmiths, down from 25 - it's where I got the recipe for tonight's pasta meal from)

Anyway, tomorrow I will weigh myself again, but on last Friday I was 14 stone 13lbs, and today I was 14 stone 9lbs - 4 lbs in 6 days! I'm not starving myself - did that once practically, years ago, (when I didn't NEED to lose weight!!!) and never again lol.

Saturday afternoon we are going out, probably until early evening, I don't see us being out of the house for less than 4 hours. We're going to see the new Star Trek film, (Jonathan's choice) and then we're getting a meal afterwards. Jonathan's parents are looking after Robert. I'm a little nervous about being away for so long - the longest has been 2 hours - but I'm sure they'll be fine. Won't stop me worrying though I guess! It's only the second time we'll have gone out without him in his almost 6 months.

Anyway, I have now lost around 16lbs (1 stone 2lbs) since January which was the first time I weighed myself after Robert's birth. And about 13lbs of that was since the end of March. I am sure I can see the difference already! I'm really looking forward to dropping down into size 16/18 clothes instead of size 18/20. And then to size 14/16 clothes (which was where I was roughly around the time of my wedding). And finally being in size 12 clothes. That's my goal, size 12.

I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to getting down to a healthy weight, then getting pregnant again, and then getting a biiiiig baby bump! Oh my if I have another big baby, can you IMAGINE the size of my bump if I'm slimmer???!! I can't wait! I really can't wait to have a proper pregnant bump where strangers can tell that I'm pregnant (and not just fat) before 25-30 weeks! Arghh! So excited! And I'm still 4 stone away from getting pregnant again!

Anyway enough rambling - I'd better get ready for when Robert finishes his bottle (yes, his bottle, he was feeding that bad that we got some expressed milk out of the freezer for him) and might need a top up before heading to bed... (it now being 8.50pm, his usual bedtime is 6.30-7.30)

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