Monday, 18 May 2009

Haircut! Eeeeshk!

Five days until my little boy's half-birthday! Eeep! How scarily quick has that gone!!

As some of you know already, today I gave my little baby boy his first haircut! Sooo sad to chop off his newborn locks! I finally relented as it has been getting sooo long and scruffy.

Gone is...

And in is...

He's suddenly grown up! And he's sitting so beautifully now! He sits for ages completely unsupported before losing his balance! He'll even self-correct by putting a hand down, and pushing himself back!

Look at the nice straight back! My clever boy!

There is also this photo I wanted to share with you. I can't get over how cute and very "little boy"ish Robert looks here, concentrating on his little toy!

And such a cute profile! Ahhhh. :)

I decided to phone up the photography studio we have a voucher for today, and they've given us a slot to come in and get Robert's photos taken this Saturday - the very day he turns 6 months old! I plan to give him lots of practise sitting this week, and on his belly. I've got to make a list of things to bring with us, I think his crazy blue sunhat is a must...

As well as some nice toys like his inchworm and his musical teddy... And then some nice outfits. It's such a shame he's nearly outgrown my favourite outfit for him! I hope I can get away with him wearing it one last time on Saturday!

(this one)

It won't be too much longer til he's in 6-9 month clothes, and we can put him in that South African rugby kit someone bought him (lol)!

Might check to see how baggy they are on him actually, if they're not TOO baggy I might pick something out from those for him to wear.

Anyway that's about it for news I guess!

Hope you had a fab weekend!

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