Sunday, 29 June 2008

19 weeks 1 day - cotbed made! Yippee

Nineteen weeks pregnant! Wow! Although I am worried I've not felt Sausage move lately. And I know that the midwife would just say "don't worry about lack of movements until 20 weeks" or something like that. I may have been feeling the "smaller" movements, I don't know though. Just not the big rolling movements I've been used to feeling. I'm hoping to feel one soon, as I'm not getting any medical appointments to see if things are ok until the scan on 17th July. Just under 3 weeks away.

Ailments wise I've been ok. Not great, but ok! :) I think I've been having a few days of what they call Pelvic Girdle Pain, which hasn't been great, led to a couple of nights of restless sleep. Luckily last night was okay, and not too bad when turning over. It might be getting a little better. Also yesterday I felt the telltale signs of heartburn creeping up on me during the day, so I took some rennie tablets a couple of times, and they seemed to do the trick.

Oh, on other news, during the week, we got our changing table, and our cotbed from mothercare! So yesterday we put together the cotbed, and it's now standing in our bedroom, all ready and waiting. Maybe it's a little early, but ah well. Nice to stare at it wistfully hehe. It looks great, and sturdy. The cat likes to hide underneath it at the moment, and I'm hoping she doesn't start wanting to go in it, but we have a plan for if she does that... I read something about filling some empty soda cans with something that rattles a lot, and filling the cot with those, so if she jumps in, the cans will fall over and make a huge rattling sound and scare off the cat. Will save us having to have a net over the cot. But yeah, the cotbed is kinda huge :) Takes up a lot of room in our bedroom, so we've had to move out one of the chest of drawers we had in there. Today we're going to try making a start on getting some of the boxes in the spare room clear - starting with all the stuff that could go in the loft. That should get rid of a lot of the stuff we have lying around in there. Because eventually we want to make a semi-nursery, semi guest bedroom in there. I say semi because the cot will be in with us at first, and probably only move in there when the baby is older.

Anyway I think that's all I wanted to say today. Keep your fingers crossed that Sausage will do a big roll for me soon! Oh and if there's any tips you can give me for getting Sausage to do a roll for me I'd appreciate it ;) If there are such things lol..

Thanks for reading! x

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