Thursday, 12 June 2008

16 weeks 5 days - new scan date :(

Thanks for the comments about the appointment :) I'm actually surprised I didn't get all weepy, I think I was more in awe than anything else!

Got a phone call this morning - the hospital is pushing my scan back 3 days :( So instead of the 14th July it's the 17th. Doh! Ah well, at least that way it's even closer to my birthday, the day before :D Very much closer to 22 weeks now with that change of date, but ah well.

I'd also like to say thanks to you, Heather, for your note. I've been wearing my maternity tops lately, and instantly LOOK more pregnant! Yay!

Becky - yes I will be finding out the sex if I can - I *think* Kettering don't have a policy against letting you know the sex of the baby, just hoping that Sausage spreads those lil' legs! haha :)

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