Wednesday, 25 June 2008

18 weeks 4 days - local water scare

Hmm. Well, today our cotbed mattress and changing table/cupboard arrived. I had just had a shower, so hurriedly pulled on a dressing gown to go answer the door. I thought the guy had finished, I signed his thing, went back upstairs and the door went again. He said "Oh, since you've only got up recently you've probably not seen the news - there's been a contamination in the water supply, you should probably boil all your tap water you use for drinking." I thanked him, went upstairs, and googled it... and sure enough, there has been a water contamination issue in Northamptonshire. The town I live in isn't on the list, but there is a town on the list within 10 miles of where I live, so I figure that it's better to be safe than sorry... and as I'm in the low immune system group along with old and young people (although none of the websites have mentioned pregnant women, we do have poorer immune systems), I really don't fancy being ill for well over a month! (apparently people who are healthy and have normal immune systems can take a month to recover - so imagine how long it would take those of us with poor immune systems!) Anyway, so yes, I've boiled 2 kettles full of water so far, and a big pan of water. Storing it in the fridge so we can use that for any cooking/drinking/teeth brushing etc. The friend I mentioned who is pregnant, J's best man's wife, she actually does live in Northampton so her water supply is definitely affected. As are my in-laws, who live in one of the villages on the list.

Anyway, people have been panic buying bottled water at the supermarkets apparently. J and I are going shopping tonight, will be interesting to see if there are many people panic buying water this far out as well. I don't think we'd do such a thing, I'm against bottled water for a start, besides, it's already been said that boiling water is enough to make sure the bacteria in the water are killed off. Why pay money for stuff that's not required by law to have health and safety checks, and therefore in a lot of cases have over 100x more bacteria, chemicals (even arsenic!!) than the stuff that comes out of your tap for practically free? Some people have too much money to spend and yet don't spend it actually RESEARCHING what they're buying. Bleugh, weird people. Sorry to those of you who buy a lot of bottled water, and think tap water is generally bad, but hey, you're reading my diary eh? Nuff said ;)

Anyway, I'm getting thirsty (perhaps lack of being able to just turn on the tap and grab a glass of water is having this affect on me? ;) who knows hehe), so I'll catch you later. If you haven't seen pics of the babygrows my dad got us yet, or the belly pics, hit the before button for the former, or the belly link down the bottom for the latter. Tata chickies, thanks for reading! xx

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