Wednesday, 4 June 2008

15 weeks 4 days - hurt my SIL's feelings. :(

Bleugh. Another run-in with the sister-in-law. Mostly my fault I guess but in my mind there was nothing else I could have done, and that what I did was right... She shows an interest in my pregnancy, asking bits and bobs, like "how are you?" and "when's your next appointment?" and so on. Whenever I reply with something that could be construed as negative, or is negative, ie, my heartburn, she always responds with "Poor you". Now this really REALLY gets on my tits, for the lack of being able to describe it better. It just sounds to me to be so condescending, and just annoys the hell out of me. And I know she doesn't mean it to sound like that... Anyway, today, she did it again, and I figure that I'll tell her it annoys me, and that I know she doesn't mean it to be condescending, and anyway, to cut a long story short, she gets upset with me for telling her this, that she doesn't know what to say, and that it's hurt her. I try and explain to her that I figured it's best to tell her now, so that she can stop annoying me with it, and I think I told her in a way that was fairly nice, especially compared with how I probably would have told her if I'd bottled it up! Basically I said to her "I know you don't mean it like this, but when you say that, it sounds very condescending". The way I probably would have told her if I'd kept it bottled up and finally snapped would have been something like "Oh for christ sake, do you HAVE to be so condescending all the time??" So I think I did the right thing. Only thing is now, she thinks that she constantly annoys me, and it seems no amount of persuading otherwise will convince her that it was that one little thing, which she now knows about. And this makes me think that she now no longer wants anything to do with me, because I will no doubt hurt her again. And she probably won't ever talk to me again because she thinks she'll be annoying me. Urgh. What a mess! Any advice? I tried to let her know it was just that one thing that was annoying me, and that I didn't hate her, nor was I constantly annoyed by her, but she just went offline (this conversation was on MSN).

Anyway, on other news, I finally got round to installing a comments system, which you'll see below. I also haven't really felt any more movements that I'm aware of. But it's a waiting game I guess.

Anyway, thanks for reading. x

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