Monday, 23 June 2008

18 weeks 2 days - belly pic in the gallery, first baby clothes!

Oooops, ok I was 2 days late on the belly pic. Didn't get round to making J take a full length picture either, so will save that for the 20 week one (which will be half way!). I do feel like my belly has grown massively since the last photo. And I *think* it shows as well. There is now a definite "bump" that you can see from the top, although laying down you can't really see anything still, it all looks rather flat. Which is why I'm doing traditional standing up pics.

My dad came round yesterday, Caroline (my step-mum) said she could definitely tell there was a bump now, which was nice :) They also brought around some things they bought in France. 4 little sleepsuits/rompers, for 3-6 months. I welled up a bit, they're the first baby clothes we've got! I can't wait til I get some newborn clothes, I'll probably cry buckets! They also brought around some pregnancy creams and body washes etc from my SIL. We've not spoken really since "the incident" except I texted her to let her know the midwife appointment went ok and we got to hear the heartbeat. She hasn't initiated any conversation whatsoever, even though I told her to contact me since she was obviously so upset with me, and once I got what I needed to say off my chest I was fine, so she should talk to me when she's ready. But yeah, I guess she still seems to think that saying anything to me will cause me to hate her, even though I specifically told her that wasn't the case. Ah well.

Anyway, I must say, the time is FLYING now! It seems like hardly yesterday that I was 17 weeks pregnant, now I'm 18 weeks. And 19 weeks will zoom up on me so fast I know. The only thing is it doesn't seem like very often that I feel Sausage's movements. Maybe it's only the strongest movements I can feel and s/he doesn't do them very often? I felt them a bit when we were walking around doing cot shopping the other day. I'm looking forward to when I can feel them a lot more often. And when they actually feel like a little hand or leg poking me! It's hard to describe the feeling right now, but I love it :) Sometimes it feels so strong it makes me stop in my tracks.

Anyway, I've gotta go - got a LOT of washing up to do today!

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