Monday, 16 June 2008

17 weeks 2 days - vivid dream, father's day

I had the most VIVID dream last night. I was 32 weeks pregnant, when I went into labour prematurely. I was seeing the doctors in hospital, who were saying, no you'll be okay, and then before I knew it, I felt the baby's head crowning, (I was standing up!) and leant down, gave a little push, and caught baby as it came out! The doctors sort of stared in disbelief, before running off for some reason, and I sat down to immediately breastfeed this 8 week premature baby I'd just given birth to! Then I thought "oh, I'd better check the sex", opened the baby's legs to see that it was a girl! But the weirdest thing was that this baby, although it was premature and just been born, was the size of about an 8 month old baby! And wide open eyes. The baby in my dream had deep blue eyes, and sandy brown hair. It was that vivid! I dreamed that I told my parents and J's parents, who had arrived (although for some reason I dreamed I was at home with the baby by this point), that we'd named her Chloe Anne, at which point J's parents' eyes filled with tears of joy. My mum lit up a cigarette, and more strangely, so did Jonathan's mum (who doesn't smoke), and I was furious because they were smoking around my new baby.

I remember waking up, and my nipples feeling weird, because in the dream I breastfed this baby a lot. It was so bizarre!

I did have a dream a while back that wasn't very vivid, where I had a scan and the baby was revealed to be a girl, and I was very surprised, so now, that makes gender dreams as Boy: 2, Girl: 2. So I really have no idea! How strange that in the space of a few weeks I was so sure it was a boy, and now I really don't know! Last night's dream was so vivid I can't help but wonder for sure whether that has anything to do with it.

Onto more real matters (hehe), this weekend was fathers day, well yesterday more like, but on Saturday we had Jonathan's parents around for a barbecue, and we had a lovely time! Although I wore my low cut black maternity top and my boobs did get a bit sunburnt. Ooops! For my 18 or 20 week belly picture I might get Jonathan to take a full view picture of me, one with belly exposed like in previous shots, and maybe one with top down. Anyway, back on topic, on Saturday, during the day, and after J's parents went home, I felt Sausage move a LOT! It was so nice! I just can't wait for the feelings to get even stronger, although they are feeling more strong already from even last week. I can't believe I'm 17 weeks pregnant already. Time seems to be flying! I'm almost half way through! These new feelings I get with Sausage moving, and knowing things are progressing nicely make all the niggly pregnancy discomforts so worth it. I've not had any heartburn since that time I said, but I've got packs of Rennie at the ready incase I do! :) The most annoying thing right now is how long I spend in the toilet! But that's okay really, it's nice to have that reminder that Sausage is still in here and doing well.

We'll be seeing my dad next weekend, since I think hes busy working this weekend (such is the life of a GCSE and A level tutor - always busiest in the run-up to exam times), and next weekend he's going to Chester to see Stephen, Nicky and Ewan. On the way back they're going to stop by here and we can cook them a barbecue or a roast dinner or something. I sent him a card via post... I think when he sees me next weekend I may well get a thump! Haha. Lets just say the inside of the card summed up the card as a whole.... "Happy Farter's Day!"

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope everyone's weekend went well too! x

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