Thursday, 26 February 2009

13 weeks 5 days old - paediatrician app, difficult stage

I am soooo tired. Robert has been very hard work the last few days. I think he might be teething. He screams and screams, rooting around and trying to eat fingers (his own or other people's, he doesn't mind), but when given a breast you'd think I was trying to poison him he carries on screaming til he's almost purple. I've tried giving him some calpol to see if that alleviates some of it, but it's hard to tell if it does anything.

Usually if he's a bit grumpy, he'll take the breast even if he's not particularly hungry, it'll calm him, but lately if he's being like this giving him the breast makes him worse. I do wonder if it's teething or if he's just getting over-tired. But it's so so hard, seeing him like that, and part of me being so tired I find it hard to get the energy to walk and walk and walk him round as that's the only thing that'll calm him when he's like that. The days just seem so long.

Today was his first paediatrician's appointment at the hospital following his stay in SCBU. The doctor found nothing to worry about from what she saw of him but she stressed to us that it doesn't mean his development is and will be fine, as only time can tell, as he becomes older and has more milestones they can be aware of. Our next one is in May, the day after our 4th wedding anniversary.

He was very good during the hospital visit, stayed alert but quiet, cooing occasionally, and only started to cry on our way out. But we decided to drop via the maternity wing, SCBU in particular to see if the neonatal nurses who cared for Robert when he was there were working, but unfortunately they weren't :( We asked the nurse who came to the door to tell them we'd come "Robert, the 10lber with lots of hair" haha! They should remember him from that description, as the majority of babies they see in SCBU are of course preemies.

We then spent the majority of the day over at Jonathan's parents who are back from their holiday, a little jet lagged but eager to see their grandson again. He was difficult there as well, feeding every 2 hours and sicking up a lot of his feed (completely soaking the 2 tops and 1 vest we had with us so he had to stay in wet milky smelling clothes), and generally not napping, so he was quite grumpy. He slept in the car on the way home but of course woke up as soon as we got home and then proceeded to be grumpy for a good hour. He's finally asleep judging by lack of noise but will probably wake up again soon, and if not, then at about 3am. I'm still suffering from my lack of sleep a couple of nights ago when Jonathan decided to spend the whole night snoring and keeping me awake because I never managed to get into a deep enough sleep to be able to ignore it. Ah well we'll see what tonight brings.

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