Wednesday, 30 April 2008

10 weeks 4 days - Gut feelings, overwhelming thoughts

Yesterday, Jonathan told his best friend since he was a kid (and who was our best man at the wedding) that we're expecting. I got the sweetest email from his wife saying congratulations, when's it due, hoping I'm feeling ok, and that J is waiting on me :D It's soooo nice to tell people! :D I can't wait til we get our scan done in a couple of weeks time - less than 2 weeks! Monday 12th! And see our tiny Sausage. The thought of it is already making me well up, that in one week and five days, I will see our baby. It's just... overwhelmingly wonderful.

And then, when we see that he (yes, for some reason, I'm just SURE it's a little boy) is okay, we can tell the world! All our extended family, and the rest of the friends we haven't told yet... I just can't wait :) And I can't believe I have to wait another TEN weeks before I can know whether I'm right - that it's a boy. I would absolutely LOVE a little girl too, but I don't know - something inside me is niggling that it's a boy. I think I had a gender dream last night, but I can't be sure. I don't remember the dream at all, but when I woke up I just got a feeling like "it's a boy". I would be absolutely THRILLED to have my little Robert Stephen. :D But I would also LOVE to have my little Chloe Anne. (Btw: Helen: I'd rather the parents didn't know the name choices - would love to surprise them at the birth, so please keep it to yourself ;) Thanks sweety)

Oh, and lately I'm SURE my tummy is getting bigger, at least feeling firmer. I won't put a new picture in the belly gallery until 12 weeks though, otherwise I'm sure there won't be a lot of difference to look at. I'm definitely peeing more too, I'm finding myself getting up quite often during the night to pee, if not, as soon as I wake I need to go. And then several times during the day, even if I've felt like I've not drunk a lot, I seem to pee LOADS! hehe. My breasts I think are generally getting less tender, which is great. And my sickness aka slight nausea is even better these days when I have a cup of tea first thing when I get up, and am hardly bothered by it at all :D I am so lucky with that. I can't believe how lucky I am. Definitely counting my blessings with that - especially since I know my sister-in-law suffered terribly. I know that Nicky is pleased to be an aunty - she can't be one on her side because her two sisters - well, one of them doesn't want children, and the other one can't have children. :( And it's entirely possible at this stage to think that our children could possibly share the same birthday! Her due date was November 23rd, mine was November 22nd. Although I'll wait and see what the dating scan shows. Unfortunately, it's doubtful that our children will get to see each other very much - Since they live in Chester, and we live about 30 minutes east of Northampton, it's quite a distance. And with both of us with small children, it may be more of a weekend visit every year than a quick day trip every month or so. I can only imagine how hard it is for mum and dad, since they have to travel up to Chester from KENT to see their grandson! A good 5+ hour journey. At least it's only about 2 hours from Kent to here, so Sausage will be able to see all his grandparents fairly regularly.

Thanks Linds for your comment about the layout. :) I like it too! Thanks for reading as always xx

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