Saturday, 3 May 2008

11 weeks - 9 days to gooooo til scan!

11 weeks pregnant! 1 week til the next belly picture! It's so exciting that I've come this far already - seems crazily long ago since I was 5 weeks and announcing I got pregnant! Nine days until the scan. I am soooo excited about the scan. I just can't wait to see little Sausage! To know that the lack of period and the occasional (!) icky feeling and the line on the test wasn't just a freakish co-incidence determined to disappoint me with a lack of baby in November. J thinks that my "boy vibes" I've been having are silly, he says that he "thinks it is a girl, because it's random, and so that when it is a girl I can say 'I told you so'" I know it's random too.. I do, I just can't explain why I think it's a boy. And I will be so happy either way, whether I am proved right or wrong! I probably will be looking out during the scan to see if I can see any "bits", but I've looked at a bunch of scans where they say whether it's a boy or girl, and draw arrows to the relevant bits, and I really can't tell HOW they knew from that picture! (Half the time I can't even tell where the baby's head/bum/legs etc are on the pictures I saw) Maybe it will be more obvious when we see the actual scan moving rather than the stills... I will wait and see! :) Nine days to go! :D

Next Wednesday is mine and J's 3rd wedding anniversary. Since a lot of the non essential stuff is still in boxes, I have all my craft stuff still packed away so am probably not able to make him a card for it. But oh my gosh - our last anniversary just us two! (Well, technically I guess that's not true, but you know what I mean!) We were engaged for 3.5 years before we got married - together for 4 years. We decided we wanted to get married on our "getting together" anniversary, so we have nearly been together for 7 whole years!

This week I have also found several more "mommy" or "mommy-to-be" diaries, I really look forward to reading each and every one!

Yesterday I looked around on the internet at cloth nappy sites. Having been a long term reader of Alice, I really see the benefits of using them, and would LOVE to use them on my little ones. But omg, they are so baffling! 3 different types, some come in one size others you get for different ages, different brands, different "stuffers".. Since we don't have a tumble dryer, I guess we would be best off using the "pocket" sort so we can dry the padding and the outer bit separately. But I'm just thinking - what do I do? Do I order trial packs for about 5 different brands so we have enough for the new baby when it arrives? Or do I use disposables as well for when we run out of clean dry cloth nappies? And what stuffers do I use? And then once I decide which sort I like, what do I do with the spares? Send them back to the company? Give them away to friends? The only person I know with a baby from my non internet life is my sister-in-law, and her baby will be a year older than mine, so the spare nappies will be useless for her. What I do know though is that I will NEED to use them from straight away, or I know I will get into the habit of using disposables. And will like the convenience of disposables. If anyone has any advice, I'd be very grateful to hear it, notes or email would be lovely. :)

J and I have decided to sell the flat. He's spoken to his financial advisor, and he reckons there isn't a lot of difference between selling and renting, so we think it'll be best to just get rid of the "hassle" so to speak, and sell. Then we'll also have a huge chunk sum to put aside for paying off a lot of the mortgage, and also we can put some aside for buying the new baby bits we'll need, and things like that. We can't pay off the mortgage straight away because we're on a 5 year fixed, but we can pay some extra off per month until the contract runs out, and reduce our interest a bit on it. So, all in all, things looking good :) And maybe, if some time in the future, the owner of the house next door decides to sell, we could buy it, and convert the house into a huuuuuge 6 bedroom detached! heh. But that's just a pipe dream really, assuming that the owner will decide to sell before we have to move somewhere bigger (although that may not be the case, we have lots of conversion-ability here), and then assuming we have the money to buy, and then convert! ;)

Anyway, will leave this for now, on this nice bank holiday weekend. :) Hope you are all okay, and thanks for reading!

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