Sunday, 11 May 2008

12 weeks 1 day - hormones and a bad dream

Eeeep, less than one day until the scan. I'm trying not to think about the worrying things, because I know my worries are quite irrational. So I'm just trying to be excited and trying not to be nervous about it.

Yet again another gorgeous day, J and I haven't done much other than he's been sorting out finances and shredding old documents, and I've been doing some washing up and vacuuming. The barbecue's on the go again, J is very careful to cook things thoroughly, especially food I am eating.

For the most part, my hormones and moods haven't been very severe.. I mainly get a little weepy, that sort of thing, however last night I did throw a bit of a strop, mainly because recently my tummy has been feeling odd - been getting twinges quite a lot, and it was doing it then, and I was getting hungry, and I was stood in the kitchen, feeling hungry and my tummy feeling not very nice, and saw loads of washing up and messy sideboards, and just threw a wobbly moaning about how I always have to do the washing up because J's back aches when he does it (he's 6'5" so has to bend down to the sink). J was lovely though and told me to go and sit down, that he'd do it, and put dinner on, which he did. Although when I went and apologised for throwing the wobbly, he sort of went quiet, and didn't really say anything until I asked "do you forgive me?" to which he replied "well, make sure you don't do it again." which I don't think I can do! I mean, I can't help it with my hormones can I? And to be honest, I think the last 12 weeks I've been VERY good! (I'm known to be a bit moody even WITHOUT being pregnant!) So... I hope he doesn't take things too personally. And that he can continue being supportive and loving when I need it most.

I had a dream last night - well I think it was when I was dozing after my alarm went off (read - cat meowing at the foot of the bed and scratching the carpet). It was that I was sitting on the toilet after I'd had a wee, wiping, and just wiping sheet and sheet of blood. I was getting more and more upset thinking any moment now I'll wipe away a big blood clot, but it never happened. And when I got up and went to the toilet, I wiped, and thank goodness, still clear.

Please wish me luck for tomorrow! I'll be sure to update and everything. Also I know I'm a day late on the updated belly gallery, I'll try and get another picture done for it today. (Though I don't think there'll be any difference :( Silly tummy)

Thanks for reading xx

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